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How To Choose The Best Bathroom Furniture For Your Needs: A Handy Guide

by Martha Simmonds

We all have an idea of which bathroom furniture to choose, but to be honest, with all the varying choices out there, it can be a difficult decision. For instance, what size would be appropriate? Of course, it will have to depend on you, but you have to consider your bathroom’s size and the size of the corresponding fixtures and furniture! And then there’s the question of style – with this, it’s a personal decision once again, although you have to think about your bathroom’s theme and scheme.

Finally, you want bathroom furniture that allows for better storage – something that will make your bathroom well-organized and free from clutter. So, with all these recommendations, what are the top ones? Here’s how to choose the best bathroom furniture for your needs: a handy guide.

• Plan your storage

The first step is to plan your storage for the bathroom – and plan it wisely. Think about what you need to store in the first place. Do you need storage for bathroom linen and towels and your toiletries and toilet rolls? What about cleaning products or a place where you can put children’s toys neatly and without clutter? Would you prefer a spot where you could keep makeup and jewelry? Aside from this, think about your future needs – especially if you have a growing family or are fond of accumulating stuff (which many of us love to do!).

By doing this and thinking about your needs, you will be better able to find the proper storage for you.

• Consider the type

There are many possibilities when selecting bathroom furniture, so be warned. First, assess your bathroom and what may fit in it. For instance, you have a choice between floor-standing and wall-mounted furniture, and the two options have their merits, so decide which is best. Floor-standing furniture would often include shelves and cupboards, and the thing with it is that it’s easily accessible, but you need to plan it carefully to make sure the bathroom is spacious, and you can still move around freely. It’s important for the space not to feel cramped!

As for wall-mounted furniture, you could choose from a wide array of items – from small items such as medicine cabinets and cupboards to mirrored cabinets. Large items, such as wall-mounted vanity units, come complete with invaluable storage space and a basin right above. These units (and more!) are easily seen at the site of bathroom specialists like Bathroom City.

You must know that wall-mounted furniture comes with an advantage – it leaves the floor under the unit vacant, which gives another dimension to the bathroom and makes the space look larger than it is.

• Think about which furniture to include

Now we move on to which furniture works best with your bathroom. There may be different kinds out there, but so far, the most popular and practical seem to be mirrored wall cupboards and cabinets and vanity units. Mirrored cabinets put together are two bathroom must-haves, and the storage space is ideal for smaller items.

Meanwhile, the vanity unit is popular as it combines two other essentials: the bathroom basin or sink and the case. Of course, drawers will have the best storage, and you can always go for a slim profile and open shelving.

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