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How To Choose Cannabis Seeds?

So the decision has been made to grow cannabis. You’ll need to decide what seeds to use as soon as possible. Healthy, potent plants can be cultivated from seeds containing essential ingredients. Here are some basic facts about how to choose cannabis seeds.


If you’re starting out, the best strain for your first crop is the one that’s most popular with the experts. You can’t be an expert, not even when you haven’t even planted one crop, no matter how much reading and research you have done.

Even the best growers will run into problems like pests, since there are many things that can go wrong. A £20 crop costing 5 or 10 seeds is a lot more difficult to lose than one you paid £12 for.

It’s crucial to think about investing in supplementary materials that will aid in the effective growth of the seed when purchasing high-quality seeds for your first crop. You must give the right conditions for their growth in addition to healthy seeds. For instance, you can not go a long way without soils and pots for growing cannabis that will significantly contribute to the success of the plant growth, as you should research and select the appropriate nutrient-rich soil mix and the right size of the pots to align it to your specific strain.

So keeping it cheap is the right move for now. In no time you’ll be moving on to the high grade with a few practice runs under your belt.

What are the best value strains of cannabis?

  • The great thing about great value strains is that no matter how you perform, you won’t lose too much if you’re not perfect the first time.
  • This is a high quality seed despite being cheaper and having excellent reviews.

And you can get them for such a great price on Herbies!

Indica or Sativa?

There’s something tricky about this one, and it’s somewhat related to your situation. Indicas, in large part due to their shorter flowering time, are considered to be a safer bet for novice growers.

New players may feel that growing, harvesting, drying, and curing their cannabis buds until they are ready for consumption already takes forever, so adding flowering time is not generally considered an option. There’s always the chance of things going wrong more when you spend more time growing.

As I keep saying, you are likely to make some mistakes with indicas, which are generally more forgiving than sativas. Still, you may have to choose based on your needs. Indica-dominate strains tend to cause couch lock, and some people need sativas for medical reasons, so some of that depends on your own preferences.

However, playing it safe with an indica is the way to go if you aren’t in need of a specific strain. If you aren’t satisfied with any strain, you can always change up your growing regimen.

Marijuana seeds of high quality indica

  • Forgiveness is greater in indica strains than in sativas.
  • Would you like to shorten your flowering time? Consider using an indicator strain.

Feminised or Non-Feminised?

One of the first things you’ll notice is that some strains are labeled ‘feminized,’ while others are called “regulars.” This is because regular seeds are usually less expensive, regardless of how tempted you may be by low prices. In order to keep problems to a minimum, it is best to pay a little extra to know that all your plants are females, so you do not have to worry about future problems.

It would be awful to be able to grow your plants without knowing they are males, only to realize they are ruining your grow after weeks (if not months) of hard work.

Frequently purchased feminized cannabis seeds

  • Buying feminised strains is recommended for beginners.
  • Cheaper but less convenient are regular strains.


In addition, autoflowering seeds can also be used. Indica dominant hybrids are a relatively new phenomenon, but they make for a great choice for a novice grower because they usually come at an affordable price, are feminized, and are extremely forgiving. Almost anywhere will grow them, and they grow quickly.

They will produce smaller plants, and those plants will produce significantly less buds. Personal preference plays a part here as well. In my opinion, autoflowers are one of the best options for recreational marijuana users who want to experiment with growing their own supplies. They are unlikely to be a good choice for medical users, or people who just need a high yield.

Autoflowering cannabis of high quality

  • Choosing autoflowering strains reduces costs, allows for more tolerance, and suits a wide range of climates.
  • Keep in mind that autoflowering plants will yield less than conventional or feminised plants.

Herbies is an excellent place to buy cannabis autoflowering seeds.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Whether you choose to grow indoors or outdoors pretty much depends on where you live and how much effort you are willing to put in. It is definitely easier to do it indoors because it is more convenient for you.

However, it has some drawbacks because it gives you more control over the growth environment for your plants. You should also consider the costs of establishing your business, the future costs of electricity, and what your increased consumption of electricity might do to our planet.

You will have narrowed your choice of seeds somewhat once you have decided where to grow. In general, outdoor cultivation is the best choice for some strains, particularly those from the Middle East, Africa, and the Himalayas, while indoor cultivation is best for hybrids. You can switch them around, but as a general rule, it’s a solid guideline, especially if you’re getting started. Experimentation is always an option.

You should now be able to make an informed decision regarding which seeds are right for you based on the information you have just read.

Grow indoor strains

  • Plants grown indoors can be more easily controlled.
  • Costs can be high when it comes to growing plants indoors.

Grow outdoor strains

  • Outdoor setups tend to work best for traditional, landrace strains.
  • It will be less expensive to set up plants outdoors.

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