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5 Reasons To Choose A Heat Recovery Unit For Your Home

You may have heard about heat recovery ventilation systems. Many homes currently have them installed in order to make them more efficient.

With the rising cost of energy, you should consider looking into these recovery units. Below is a useful list of reasons why you should buy a heat recovery system for your property.

1. Lowers Your Energy Bill

Initially, you may be hesitant to pay for this type of ventilation because of installation fees and the price of the unit itself. However, it is worthwhile to invest in a heat recovery unit because your energy bill will be dramatically lower, and it saves you money in the long run.

According to the Carbon Trust, efficient HRVs typically save the average home 40% of their home energy bill. It is estimated that in only 2 years, HRV systems will have paid for themselves through savings. Luckily, you can find many affordable systems on the market, and some services allow you to pay fixed monthly amounts instead of having to pay the entire fee immediately.

2. Improves Your Home Environment

In addition to saving money on energy costs, well-maintained HRV systems enable you to fully regulate the room temperature throughout your house. This is a convenient way to ensure you never feel too hot or cold in your home.

Moreover, they also eliminate dust, pet hair and pollen from the air by circulating fresh, clean air regularly. This makes it much more comfortable for inhabitants who suffer from asthma and pet allergies.

3. Eradicates Moisture

If a property is damp, recovery ventilation is an effective way to fix this issue. Dampness in your property is caused by the build-up of moisture from condensation. By having a consistent flow of filtered air, water vapour is eradicated. This prevents rot, mould, and mildew from spreading around your home, and keeps it smelling fresh.

4. Reduces Carbon Emissions

By recycling energy, HRV units decrease the amount of carbon you produce. A huge amount of CO2 emissions in the UK are produced by buildings. Most of this is a result of unnecessarily high energy consumption for heating purposes. For those who want to lower their carbon footprint, heat recovery is the optimal choice as they recycle heat that would otherwise be wasted.

5. Lowers Radon Levels

Similarly, HRV units also lower Radon levels. Radon is invisible, odourless, and damaging to our health. It is produced from radioactive decay and emanates radiation. Being regularly exposed to high levels of Radon can cause lung cancer. With an efficient HRV unit, the air in your house is constantly filtered, and such pollutants can be diminished by up to 50%.

Heat recovery units are worth the money. More importantly, they make your home safer, cleaner, and more comfortable for your household. Should you decide HRV is the right choice for your house, professional installation services are readily available, and the preliminary home survey is usually free.

Before buying, you should check that it meets the standards of your building to ensure that it’s suitable.

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