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How To Choose The Perfect Bed Sheets?

by Martha Simmonds

If you don’t already know, sleep is vital for good health. Not only will it keep your physical body in tip-top condition, but it will also avoid the chance of you slipping into a deep psychosis. OK, you probably won’t end up in a mental institution; lack of sleep has been well-documented for wreaking havoc on your mental health and causing various cognitive issues. If you want to avoid this descent into madness, you must ensure you get a decent amount of quality sleep.

In order to do so, you need to create a proper foundation with which you can build good sleeping habits. In this case, your foundation is the sheets you sleep on. So let’s explore what makes the perfect bedsheets that will enable you to slip soundly into slumber and awaken feeling as though you have slept upon a cloud.

Take Into Account The Fabric Of The Sheets

In the bedding world, fabric is king. You’ve probably heard all about Egyptian cotton and its numerous advantages, but you might not be aware that other superior options are available. While Egyptian cotton is undoubtedly luxurious and sumptuous enough to help you fall into a deep and restful slumber, it might be more cost-effective to consider different materials like bamboo.

Although you may not believe it, bamboo viscose has been used to make luxuriously soft and durable fabrics for bedding for centuries. Aside from the comfort it provides regarding skin feel, it also offers fantastic temperature regulation meaning that you will never get too cold or hot as the night progresses. Temperature changes can adversely affect your sleep patterns and cause you to wake up feeling drained.

Consider The Size Of Your Mattress

It might sound obvious, but any sheets you invest in should be the same size as your current mattress. Although you might think that the only reason is to ensure a good fit and, thus, a pleasing aesthetic, there is another reason. Poorly fitting sheets can ride up throughout the night and, at best, be a minor annoyance, but at worse, it can dramatically disrupt your sleep.

For example, if you purchase bamboo sheets for their thermoregulating properties, you won’t find many benefits if you wake up and find that your sheets are halfway down the bed due to popping off the mattress in the middle of the night!

Look At The Care Instructions

We all want an easy life, which is something that you will definitely miss if you pick sheets that require an army of cleaners to keep them pristine. You should be prepared to spend some time caring for very high-quality bedsheets, but it might be best to avoid those that require you to dedicate a lot of time to keeping them clean.

Moreover, you must ensure that you are able to comply with any instructions the manufacturer suggests. While most sheets will be machine washable, other higher-quality options might require hand washing. This is a step you shouldn’t overlook since it can render a very costly set of bedsheets useless if you’re not careful.

Find A Set That Complements Your Taste

For some people, purchasing bedsheets tends to be a zero-sum game between choosing those offering comfort and those that will fit into the overall aesthetic of their room. However, this need not be the case, and by spending a little time and effort when searching for new sheets, you can gain both qualities.

Think about the kinds of colors and patterns that catch your eye immediately. Do you go toward subdued hues or vibrant ones? What sort of designs do you prefer, floral or geometric? Choose sheets that complement the room’s aesthetic to create a relaxing retreat. Next, think about the sheets’ material and finish. Which do you prefer, flannel’s comfortable warmth or cotton’s cold crispness? Do you want something smooth and silky or rough and textured? You should consider the time and effort you are willing to put into maintaining your fabric of choice.

Check For Breathability

As previously mentioned, temperature can significantly impact sleep quality, and part of that is how breathable the sheets are. The term “breathability” is used to describe a fabric’s capacity to permit air circulation and the evaporation of moisture, hence maintaining a pleasant temperature and dryness throughout the night. If you sleep hot or live in a very humid region, you’ll benefit significantly from having sheets that allow air to circulate. Try to find sheets that are made out of cotton, linen, or bamboo because of their moisture-wicking and breathable features. 

Bedsheets comprise a portion of the sleep algorithm, along with your mattress and bedtime routine. However, by selecting the suitable sheets, you will gain an outsized advantage when it comes to sleep, and the very best option will ensure you wake feeling thoroughly refreshed.

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