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Tips To Consider When Choosing the Right Computer Keyboard

Computer keyboards are a significant part of your computer. They allow you to input data into your computer to be processed by software programs that will help you complete tasks on your computers, such as word processing or spreadsheets. The keyboard is also used to navigate through menus and windows, making using computers much easier than having to click buttons with your mouse.

There are many different types of keyboards available today, but some things should always be considered before purchasing one. This article will discuss these points to help you know what to look for when buying a new gaming keyboard.

Keystroke Switching

The first thing to consider when buying a keyboard is how many switches it uses. Most people who buy their own personal computer already have a standard keyboard installed in their machine; therefore, they only require a few extra keystrokes to get around their operating system.

For example, Windows 7 users typically press CTRL + ALT + DEL together to open the task manager, while Mac OS X users simply hold down Command + Option + Delete. Therefore, if you don’t really need all those extra functions, you probably won’t benefit from adding another switch to your existing keyboard.


When shopping for a keyboard, you should try to avoid overly complicated designs. Many companies now produce stylish yet functional keyboards that are easy to operate. These include Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

In addition to design, you should also think about ergonomics when selecting a keyboard. Ergonomic keyboards are designed to fit comfortably under your fingers and wrists and provide good feedback when typing. They often come equipped with wrist rests that prevent strain on your arms and shoulders.

Wired Vs. Wireless

If you decide to go for a wired keyboard, several factors will affect which option suits you best. The main difference between these options is that a wired keyboard requires an external power source. This can make using a wired keyboard cumbersome, especially if you travel frequently. Another disadvantage of having a wired keyboard is that it cannot easily be moved from place to place.

As mentioned earlier, some computers come pre-installed with a wired keyboard, so you shouldn’t worry about this issue unless you purchase a new PC. However, if you want to move your keyboard wirelessly, you will still need to invest in a suitable USB dongle. There are various types available, including Bluetooth adapters, Wi-Fi routers, and even mobile phone chargers. However, most of them tend to cost more money than a simple USB cable.

Extra Function Keys

Some keyboards contain extra buttons that allow you to perform tasks without switching over to the mouse. Examples include volume controls, media players, calculators, etc. While these aren’t essential, they can sometimes save time by allowing you to skip steps during operation.


As you can see, there are many different considerations when looking for the right gaming keyboard. Before investing in a particular model, take into account all aspects listed above. Make sure that you buy something that meets your requirements and fits within your budget. Good luck!

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