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Choosing the Right Education Program to Boost Your Career: The Complete Guide

by Martha Simmonds

63% of people are emotionally detached at work, and 19% are miserable. You might’ve been told that it’s normal to hate your job, but it’s really not.

When you’re in the right career with an excellent employer, you’ll look forward to going into the office every day. You’ll also be engulfed in your work, your thoughts flying excitedly.

Didn’t realize this was possible? Well, if you continue on your educational journey, then it definitely is!

How can you pick the right program though? Keep reading to see.

Identify Your Career Goals

First of all, what are you hoping to achieve in your career? Without clear goals, you might waste your time and money on an education program that won’t do much in the end.

Once you’ve identified your career goals, then you can find out what skills and knowledge are needed for them. 

For example, if you want to become an esteemed doctor, then you’ll need to go through extensive years of medical school and get plenty of hands-on experience before you can even be licensed. If you aren’t already on this path, then there’s lots of hard work ahead of you.

You can also treat this as a reality check. If the goals will take too long to achieve, or are near impossible, then you might want to reconsider.

Research the Job Market

When researching the skills and knowledge needed for your career goals, chances are, you’re only finding the bare minimum requirements. However, if you’re in a highly competitive country like Malaysia, then the bare minimum won’t do.

Typically, candidates will need extra skills and credentials to even be considered. So if you get an MBA in Malaysia, then this can give you a leg up on your competition. Those who already have a bachelor’s degree can pretty much enroll in a program already.

Take some time to browse job listings you’re potentially interested in. See what requirements they have in common, then see if they’re feasible.

Evaluate Your Current Skills and Education Level

That brings us to our next point: be honest about what skills you have. Many employees tend to either overestimate or underestimate themselves, so you might have the wrong picture about yourself.

What education do you already have under your belt? And what skills have you gained from that, as well as in your time as a worker?

The answers to these questions will help you see how far along you are in achieving your career goals. They’ll also help you identify any gaps so you can focus on those if you find them manageable and worth it.

Consider the Types of Programs Available

Not all education programs are created the same. And not every student’s needs are the same either.

Consider your learning style, current job, and the money you have. Although most people consider full-time university their first pick for higher education, it’s not always feasible. Not only does it take up lots of time, but it’s also costly.

Some other choices include:

• Community college
• Vocational school
• Specialized training program

In addition to these options, you can also decide between going full-time, part-time, or online. These all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you to weigh them up based on your priorities.

Talk to Professionals in Your Field

If you’re at a loss as to what you should consider, then talk to professionals in your field. They’ll have been in your shoes at one point, so they’ll understand the dilemma you’re having.

Over a cup of coffee, they can tell you which education programs are most respected in the industry, and which to stay away from. They can tell you about their own experiences too, which will give you additional insight into any interesting programs.

Establishing a relationship with these people early on can be beneficial. Not only can they help you choose the optimal educational path, but they can also guide you along the way. And once you’re done, you can use your connection to find a good job fast.

Check the Program’s Reputation

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices, it’s time to investigate further. The small details will move the decision process along, as you’ll find that certain institutions or teaching formats aren’t ideal for you.

One of the first things you should do is check the program’s reputation. Any esteemed place will have accreditations and good rankings. If you don’t find either, then it’s time to cross it off the list.

Plus, you can look at reviews from current and former students. You should always take them with a grain of salt since it’s not possible to please everyone. However, use these reviews as a way to gain insight into the classrooms.

Consider the Costs and Financial Aid

You might’ve found an outstanding program, but how much do they charge? If it’s an absurd amount, then you might not have the financial means to proceed.

Not all hope is lost though, if you can’t afford higher education. Perhaps you can secure loans to make it happen. This can be worth it if you determine that the cost of the program will be offset by your potential career advancements.

In addition, you can look around for financial aid. Programs will often offer these to ease your burden and attract more students.

If you’re an entrepreneur, there are also student loan forgiveness programs. So if you can shoulder a loan for now, that weight will be lifted off your shoulders in the future.

Advance Your Career With a Fantastic Education Program

You shouldn’t accept feeling stuck and disengaged with work. Everyone deserves to have an enriching and fulfilling career, including you.

So don’t be stuck in a dead-end job any longer. Take action and get into a great education program. It’ll be an investment in your future, especially when you’ll have more opportunities after you’ve completed it.

And you don’t necessarily have to find a different employer either! When they see your new qualifications, you’ll have room to move up in the company.

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