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Useful Tips On Choosing A Truck Bed Liner

When you finally get the truck you’ve wanted to buy for a long time, it is safe to assume that you want to protect it, first to maintain its brand-new condition longer, and second, to ensure that you can extend its life span.

Your best option is to install a truck bed liner, which comes in several types. But how do you choose which one is the most appropriate for your truck? One thing you can do is to find the answers to a few questions, which will provide you with a clearer overview of which one suits your truck.

Why do you need a truck bed liner?

You do not want to waste your time and money by making the wrong choice. Therefore, these tips will help you conclude which type of bed liner to install.

First off, understand what a truck bed liner means. A truck bed liner is a removable, semi-permanent, or permanent protective cover that goes over the metal bed of your pickup truck. The bed liner protects the metal bed of the truck from damage that may be caused by the things you load in your truck, and from exposure to the elements.

Truck bed liners may be a rug, mat, drop-in, and spray-on. Each one offers a different level of protection. Their installation costs vary as well.

How do you choose the right type of truck bed liner?

Answering a few questions will give you a more definite idea of which type is perfect for your truck.

1. How permanent do you want the bed liner to be?

Rug or mat bed liners are easy to install and remove. At the same time, a drop-in bed liner is removable. But the removal process can be difficult since the drop-in bed liner is custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of the truck bed. On the other hand, a spray-on bed liner, which is the most expensive, is permanent.

2. What items do you put in your truck?

Your choice of a bed liner will depend on what you put in the truck. If you often slide building materials and toolboxes in and out of your truck, choose a bed liner with a smooth surface like a rug bed liner or a mat bed liner.

If you want the things you load in your truck to stay in place and prevent them from rolling around, you need a bed liner with a rough texture, like a drop-in bed liner.

If you often use your truck to transport harsh chemicals, such as paints, thinners, pool-cleaning supplies, choose a spray-on bed liner, such as those from Durabak. The latter is sprayed directly onto the truck bed, sealing the metal surface and making it waterproof.

3. Does your truck need weather protection?

If the truck bed does not have a cover, you can protect it from the weather with a bed liner. If you live in an area where you get plenty of rain and show, opt for a spray-on liner that gives maximum protection. If moisture is not much of an issue, you can install a removable type of bed liner.

4. How much is your budget?

Rug and mat liners are generally inexpensive. They provide temporary protection. Moreover, they do not last that long. A drop-in bed liner is in the middle range. It provides adequate protection but it is still subject to wear and tear. The best option is the spray-on type, although it is the most expensive. But it provides permanent protection and may only need minor touch-ups.

With these answers, you can choose which bed liner to put in your truck for its protection.

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