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Eight Christmas Gifts to Get Mom to Show Her Just How Much She Means to You

When it comes to buying Christmas presents there are always those who are harder to buy for than others. There are those who have varied tastes as well as those who have expensive ones; then there are mothers. 

There is perhaps no one more difficult to get Xmas gifts for than your mother, it’s just the way it is, and it seems this is a problem regardless of what corner of the world you inhabit; it’s just a universal problem that we have to deal with every 12 months.

It’s likely if you ask your mom what she wants for Christmas that she’ll insist that you shouldn’t bother about getting her something, which is kind of a code word for her saying you should surprise her (under no circumstances should you leave her empty-handed) and that leaves things in your court.

Buying a present for your mother may be tough because you can’t be sure what she really needs or wants, and you don’t want to get her a token gift that lacks any real sentimentality and to help you with this arduous task we’ve come up with five possible options to help get you out of this hole.

1. Custom Made Jewelry

Pretty much everyone would love to get an item of jewelry for Christmas; what’s not to love about such a gift. You can then look to add further weight to the gift by making your present more personal.

Personalized jewelry is a perfect option for the holidays, for instance, you could gift your mother a necklace that stylishly displays the names of the grandchildren, and you can see here some elegant options in this department. Or maybe you just want a custom-made item that displays her name or that of someone special in her life. 

If you buy jewelry online, you’ll not only find a vast range of sophisticated options, you’ll also find that the prices are far lower than at your local jeweler. One tip, though, is to make sure to order with enough time for the delivery to arrive before Christmas Day.

2. Microwaveable Slippers

Yes, you read that correctly. This is a playful gift, and perhaps part of a few you might get your mother, but one that she’ll feel the benefit of across the cold winter. These slippers are made all the comfier once you’ve popped them in the microwave for a short spell; donning them will make your mom feel like a queen in her castle. You can also elect to get them in festive red and green for added Christmas appeal.

3. Personalized Family Mugs

This is the perfect mix of the functionality and decorative aspects you might want from a perfect Christmas gift. You can get your mom a set of mugs, each of which comes with a drawing of her family members and their names. That way, every time she sips a cup of tea, she’ll have the warm glow of her family around her.

4. A Christmas Hamper

This might be the ideal gift if, for whatever reason, you aren’t with your mother for the whole festive period. This may well be all the more relevant if there are lockdown issues in your vicinity. A Christmas hamper will include all the seasonal food and treats of the festive period and is a great way to make things easier for her in terms of putting together meals herself. Go for one that is nicely presented, and maybe add some scented candles and other additional items to make it all the more special.

5. High-End Duvet Bed Set

Another great present that is ideal for this time of year. Imagine how luxurious your mother will feel as she steps into a lovely warm bed with hotel-quality duvet covers and stylishly crafted linens. This is great for those winter nights and an ideal gift to give her if she’s hosting the entire family at her house this year. 

6. Ornamental Bath Caddy

You may have never heard of a bath caddy before but believe us when we say you’ll want one when you see it. This is an ideal gift for mom and involves a sturdy construction that fits onto a bath and allows you to hang candles, soaps, a book, maybe a glass of wine as you soak in the tub. We can’t help thinking of Alexis Carrington from Dynasty; no doubt she would have one of these herself.

7. A Delightful Bouquet

If you won’t get to see your mother this Christmas, then why not send her a gorgeous bouquet this year. It’s the kind of timeless present that she’ll love. Put together a blend of flowers that you know she’ll love, and don’t forget to add a card wishing her well and a Merry Christmas. Again, this is the kind of gift that works well if COVID guidelines prevent you from seeing your loved ones.

8. Satin Pajamas

Why not surprise your mother with high-quality pajamas, ones made of luxurious satin that have an opulent feel to them. This is the kind of gift that anyone would love, and no doubt your mother will appreciate the sentiment. Consider a floral print or eye-catching colors, and maybe even a Christmas theme. Consider matching this with the microwavable slippers!

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