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190 Christmas Words You’ll Need During the Holiday Season

When the joy of the holiday season fills your heart and inspires you to write to your friends and family joyous holiday cards, you will want something unique and memorable. So, I’m going to share my collection of Christmas words with you. These magical words will help you create some amazing cards, and who knows — maybe even write a Christmas poem!

Some time ago, I found an interesting saying that read “Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling.” And what better way to express your feelings towards your loved ones than with some magical Christmas words written on a cute card?

So, use this list of positive Christmas words to fill your heart with the holiday spirit and spread Christmas joy everywhere you go!

Awesome Christmas Words That Start With A

Abundance — extremely plentiful; sufficient.

Adorable — endearing; lovely.

Advent — a period of four weeks before Christmas.

Advent calendar — a calendar that usually carries a gift for each of the days within the four weeks before Christmas.

Affection — a feeling of liking for someone or something.

Altruism — willingness to do something good for others, even if it’s disadvantageous for yourself.

Angel — someone who is good; celestial being.

Aroma — miasma.

Artificial tree — a plastic Christmas tree.

Assembling — gathering.

Atmosphere — the mood of a place or situation.

Attraction — entertainment; allure.

Awe — admiration.

Beautiful Christmas Words That Start With B

Baby — child.

Baking — cooking.

Bazaar — mart; marketplace.

Bedizenment — to dress in a showy manner

Belief — acceptance; faith.

Benevolence — altruism; kindness.

Bethlehem — the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Birth — creation.

Blessing — grace.

Blitzen — reindeer.

Blizzard — gale; squall.

Bountifulness — benevolence.

Breathtaking — astonishing; exciting.

Cheerful Christmas Words That Start With C

Candle — torch; ignitable wick embedded in wax.

Candle light — light emitted by a candle.

Candlelit — illuminated only by candles.

Candy — confectionery; sweets.

Candy cane — a striped sweet rock stick with a curved end, usually eaten during Christmas.

Card — printed card used to send a message.

Carol — religious folk song.

Celebration — commemoration.

Centerpiece — ornament displayed in the middle of a dining table.

Cheer — joy.

Cherub — angel; baby.

Choir — organized group of singers.

Christ — the name given to Jesus.

Christmas Eve — the 24th of December.

Christmas gift — a gift offered on Christmas.

Christmas tree — a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer.

Christmastide — the period immediately before and after the 25th of December.

Cold — a low temperature.

Community — a group of people living in the same place.

Compassion — sympathy.

Confections — elaborate sweet delicacy.

Cookies — sweet biscuits.

Cozy — comfortable; warm.

Cranberries — small acid berries used in cooking.

Cranberry sauce — a sauce made from cranberries.

Custom — tradition; practice; habit.

Dashing Christmas Words That Start With D

December — the twelfth month of the year.

December 25 — Christmas Day.

Décor — furnishing; ornamentation.

Decorate — to adorn; embellish; ornament.

Decorations — trinkets; garnishes.

Delight — charm.

Dinner — supper; feast.

Donations — gifts; presents.

Energizing Christmas Words That Start With E

Eggnog — drink made of rum, brandy, or other alcohol mixed with a beaten egg, milk, and sugar.

Elves — gnomes.

Embellishment — decoration.

Enchantment — magic.

Entertainment — amusement; show.

Eve — a period of time right after an event.

Event — occurrence.

Evergreen — a plant that retains its green leaves throughout the year.

Excitement — exhilaration.

Extravagance — exuberance.

Festive Christmas Words That Start With F

Faith — trust; belief.

Family — blood relatives.

Family reunion — a gathering of family members.

Father Christmas — Santa Claus.

Festive — jolly; merry.

Festivity — celebration.

Fir — an evergreen coniferous tree.

Fireplace — a place for a domestic fire.

Folklore — traditional belief.

Frost — ice.

Fruitcake — a cake that contains dried fruit and nuts.

Graceful Christmas Words That Start With G

Garland — wreath.

Garnished — decorated.

Generosity — abundance; liberality.

Gift — present; donation.

Gift-wrapped — present wrapped in decorative paper.

Gingerbread — a ginger-flavored cake made with syrup.

Good-natured — warm-hearted; friendly.

Grace — elegance; approval; favor; short prayer; blessing.

Greetings — best wishes; regards.

Grinch — a killjoy; the character from a Christmas movie.

Guest — visitor.

Heartfelt Christmas Words That Start With H

Hanukkah — Jewish festival celebrated on December 25th.

Happiness — joy.

Holiday — the day of festivity.

Holly — evergreen shrub that symbolizes Christmas.

Homemade — made at home.

Hope — aspiration; wish.

Humility — modesty.

Illuminating Christmas Words That Start With I

Ice — frozen water.

Illumination — radiance.

Incandescent — red-hot; burning.

Invitation — request; call.

International — global.

Inviting — alluring; attractive.

Jolly Christmas Words That Start With J

Jesus (Christ) — was born on Christmas Day.

Jingle bells — Christmas carol.

Jolly — merry.

Joseph — Christ’s father.

Joy — fun.

Joyous — cheerful; happy.

Kind Christmas Words That Start With K

Kind — good-natured; warm-hearted.

Krampus — the opposite of Santa Claus.

Lovely Christmas Words That Start With L

Lighting — arrangement of lights; decoration.

Long-standing — being in existence for a long time.

Love — an intense feeling of deep affection.

Luminous — shining; bright; dazzling.

Magical Christmas Words That Start With M

Magical — mystical; extraordinary.

Mary — mother of Christ.

Meaningful — full of meaning.

Merry Christmas — a Christmas wish.

Miracle (of Christmas) — (Christmas) wonder; Christmas story.

Mistletoe — a plant hung in the house around Christmas.

Mrs. Claus — Santa’s wife.

Munificent — generous.

Musical — melodious.

Nice Christmas Words That Start With N

Natal — related to the place or time of one’s birth.

Naughty — bad; misbehaved.

Night before Christmas — the night of December 24th.

Noel — Christmas carol.

Nutcracker — a device for cracking nuts.

Ornamental Christmas Words That Start With O

Occasion — event.

Ornaments — decorations.

Overflowing — overfull.

Overjoyed — thrilled; delighted.

Positive Christmas Words That Start With P

Package — gift.

Party — event of celebration.

Playful — jolly.

Pleasant — enjoyable.

Plentiful — bountiful.

Presents — gifts.

Pretty — good-looking; cute.

Punch — drink.

Quality Christmas Words That Start With Q

Quiet — silent.

Relaxing Christmas Words That Start With R

Receive — collect; accept.

Red and green — colors associated with Christmas.

Reindeer — a tundra deer said to pull on Santa’s sleigh.

Relatives — family.

Religious — spiritual; pious.

Reminiscence — memories; recollections.

Reunion — gathering of two or more people after a period of separation.

Revered — adored; respected.

Seasonal Christmas Words That Start With S

Sack — bag.

Sacred — holy; hallowed; spiritual.

Santa Claus — Father Christmas, the character who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

Santa’s elves — Santa’s helpers.

Scent — perfume; smell; fragrance.

Season’s greetings — an expression of goodwill.

Sentimental — nostalgic; emotional.

Sled — sleigh.

Snowman — a human figure created from snow.

Sparkling — shining.

Splendid — magnificent; wonderful.

Spiritual — sacred; religious.

Surprise — astonishment; shock; amazement.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious — grand; glorious; superb; wonderful.

Sweater — knitted garment.

Sweet — sugary; honeyed; fragrant.

Thoughtful Christmas Words That Start With T

Tasty — delicious.

Thanks — showing gratitude.

Three Kings — the magi who followed a star to pay homage to baby Jesus.

Tinsel — sparkling Christmas decoration.

Tradition — custom.

Traditional — conventional; customary.

Unique Christmas Words That Start With U

Ugly Christmas sweater — Christmas-themed sweater.

Unifying — bringing together.

Valuable Christmas Words That Start With V

Vacation — holiday.

Vivacious — full of life.

Wonderful Christmas Words That Start With W

Warm — cozy; snug; comfortable; hot.

Warm-hearted — kind

Winter — the season from December to February.

Wintertime — the season of winter.

Wish — desire.

Wonder — miracle.

Wrapping paper — decorative paper.

Wreath — garland.

Unusual Christmas Words That Start With X, Y, Z

X-mas — Christmas.

Yuletide — Christmas (archaic).

Zestful — full of energy.

Final Words

Although you might never use ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious‘ in your day-to-day conversations, you never know when it could prove useful. For instance, you could write Christmas cards with “Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Christmas!” and look at your friends’ expressions trying to read the word.

I hope you’ll find this list helpful when looking for the right Christmas words to convey the holiday spirit.

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