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How Reliable Are Clairvoyants and Psychics?

Has there ever been a time in your life in which you wondered what the future might hold? Have you struggled over making an important, life-changing decision, or simply wanted to know if a loved one made it safely to the great beyond? These are all typical questions we ask clairvoyants and psychics, and although we would like to trust the validity of their readings, there always seems to be a lingering doubt in the back of our minds.

Yes, there is a great deal of controversy over whether or not psychics are legitimate. Being that it’s in a realm beyond the five senses, the only way to know with any amount of certainty is to read real reviews from real people who have had readings with a clairvoyant or psychic in question. So, how can you tell if a psychic is reliable? Here’s something to consider.

Real Reviews

One of the things you will most certainly want to do, as mentioned above, is to read real, unbiased reviews. These can be in the form of consumer reviews or those provided from an uncompensated third-party review site. To find out more about one of the more popular online psychics, read this review.

What this review found was positive feedback from those who have booked readings while the only cons seem to be that there are no video chat style readings and fewer psychic readers than on competitive sites. You may ask why this is but the reason is a very good one indeed. They have fewer psychics because each and every clairvoyant or psychic they work with has been led through an extremely rigorous screening. That’s something few competitors can claim.

Beware of False Promises

Beware of 100% money-back guarantees because, in truth, no one can predict with 100% accuracy what tomorrow may bring. There are too many variables involved, so always take that into consideration. Psychics – true psychics that is – will not tell you they can remove curses or find that one true soulmate or true love for you. Beware of false promises, and remember, you can read those real, unbiased reviews before choosing a psychic to do your reading.

Know the Specialty You Require

Psychics come in all sizes and shapes, so to speak, and there is not a one-size-fits all variety. Like any professional (and they are that!) you will find that some do tarot readings while others are psychic mediums who attempt to communicate with the dead. Others are clairvoyants while others yet are empaths. Here, it pays to understand exactly what you are asking from a psychic so that you can choose the specialty you require.

At this time, people seem to be searching for meaning in life. They don’t understand what they are feeling and are going through rough times. Empaths are those who can enter into the emotions of a person to walk in their shoes, as it were, to help them understand what they are feeling and perhaps why they are feeling this way. Empaths have the ability to guide you forward in your journey on a path that is right for you.

Remote vs. In-Person Readings

One of the greatest considerations when seeking a psychic reading is whether or not you are comfortable with an online or telephone reading. Some psychics have chat available online while others prefer to work via voice communications. Obviously, you have greater choices when working with a remote psychic or clairvoyant because your city or town may not even have one, let alone a ‘pool’ to choose between.

Also, some people actually prefer to remain anonymous so that the only thing a psychic sees or hears is an online chat or the voice at the other end of a phone call. Many people prefer this way of communicating because they believe psychics get clues from our body language. In any case, not only are remote readings much more available than in-person readings but the general public seems to trust them more.

Introductory Offers and Discounts

While some people shy away from introductory offers and loyalty discounts, these seem to be the best way to assess whether or not you find a level of trust and comfort in the psychic you are dealing with. With introductory offers starting at just $1 a minute, you can’t really go wrong! Yes, the rate will go up from there for returning clients, but by that point you have determined whether or not you have found the psychic best suited to address your concerns.

There is still a great deal of controversy over the legitimacy of psychics, but once you’ve found the right person to do your readings, you will understand that it is an art, and a science. Psychics have that intangible sixth sense and so there are many who don’t believe because they don’t have physical proof. As the old saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and you will know from that very first taste if you’ve found a legitimate psychic.

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