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How to Climb the Corporate Ladder?

by Martha Simmonds

Years had passed, but you never progressed as an employee. How does it feel? It is human nature to feel frustrated. That’s why some quit their job and take another career.

We cannot blame them, especially when their family is growing. If you are in the same situation, you could also do the same thing for sure.

But letting go of the career you have been doing for years is not easy. Pause and think before making any decision. Also, regardless of your vast credentials, it is challenging to look for a job because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, how to advance your career and climb the corporate ladder? Good question, and you came to the right place. Below, we present some tested and expert-recommended tips you can follow for sure. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. A Career Blueprint is Something You Should Not Miss

One of the reasons professionals do not grow in their chosen field is that they are more likely to be out of focus and started to feel complacent with their position.

Do not be like that. It is all right to dream big. But take action to turn your goals into a reality, and a career blueprint will be of great help.

Creating a career blueprint is not as easy as everyone thinks. The trick here is to ask what you want to become and achieve in the future. Do you like to lead a team? Take your time to decide what your heart desires. There is no pressure.

But your job does not stop there. It is vital to define the smaller steps you should take to make your dreams happen. For every little achievement, do not forget to reward yourself.

2. Talk To Your Manager

Managers and any leaders in a team are willing to guide their subordinates to grow as a professional.

So, be open to your superiors on your ambition. You will feel embarrassed at first. But you won’t succeed in life if you stay quiet in your working station.

If you are a candidate for a higher position, do not be afraid to take the challenge. Prove that you are capable of the vacant position. Be on time. Submit paper works before the deadline. Always maintain quality and excellence in every work you handle, whatever happens. Maintain rapport with your colleagues and become the epitome of commitment.

With that, you have a higher chance of advancing your career. But do not expect too much, especially when there are other competitive candidates. If you fail, remember that it is not the end of the world. It is still a good learning experience you can use for years.

3. Never Stop Learning

You have a high-paying career and can support your family. So, career progression will never cross your mind.

But do not be complacent. Remember that things are only temporary. What if something comes up in the company you’re working at and they need to lay off employees, and you are one of them.

That’s a terrible experience you do not want to happen.

Whether you have a high-paying job, always become a risk-taker. Learn something new and different. You can explore other things to expand your skills. If there are seminars and training, grab each of them as much as you can. It is tiring, but all of your efforts will not go to waste.

If you have a lot of spare time, you can also take your master’s degree. Once finished, proceed with your doctorate.

It is challenging. But everything is possible with patience and determination.

4. Initiative will Also Help

One of the qualities that will give you an edge over your colleagues is your initiative.

Let’s say you are the hiring manager. Who would you promote between an employee who always strives for excellence and one that does not?

Of course, it is the former. As a candidate, perform well in every responsibility given to you, even if it is complicated. Do not be picky. Negative thoughts will also cross your mind. But keep it to yourself.

Do not express what you are going thru with your colleagues unless they are your closest friends to avoid any misunderstanding.

Your main goal is to impress your managers. But be consistent and make sure you do not hurt other people’s feelings. Promotion is not enough to ruin a good relationship with your co-workers.

5. Learn How to Move On

Suppose the needs of your family are increasing. Your eldest child is soon to start schooling. Your parents need a regular medical check-up. Or you are expecting a baby soon.

Whatever your case may be, you begin to search for opportunities to double your salary. Promotions in the organization you work at will be of great help.

What if the company lacks the benefits of internal mobility or growth opportunities you desire? You do not have a choice but to let go of your job and find a new career that suits your financial requirements.

It is sad to quit the job you have fallen in love with. But you have to be practical as you have a family to support.

Before you quit, inform your hiring manager ahead of time and be thankful for the opportunity they have given you. They will surely understand your decision, so don’t worry.

6. Be More Dedicated

While it is a good idea to switch to a new company, expect the most demanding path ahead.

It is a big decision you cannot make in a hurry. Be sure to consider every important factor to avoid any regrets.

If there are growth opportunities at your current job, it is unnecessary to let go of your position. Stay there and be more dedicated. Also, demonstrate an excellent work ethic, encourage teamwork, and be professional with every person you talk to.

There you go! We hope these tips will guide you to stay happy and productive with your chosen profession.

If you fail, remember there are other opportunities ahead. Just be positive.

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