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colors that look good on darker skin

10 Colors That Look Good on Darker Skin

by Martha Simmonds

Every skin tone is unique and brings about a diversity that makes the world beautiful. Regardless of your skin tone, you can wear clothes of any color — let no one tell you otherwise. But if you are dressing to impress and want to complement your natural skin tone, it helps to pay a little extra attention to the colors you wear.

If you have dark or dusky skin, you have the genetics to be thankful for. But after reading this post, you will thank us as well. So here are some colors that look good on darker skin.

10 Colors That Look Good on Darker Skin

Here are 10 colors for darker skin tones that you can never go wrong with:

1. White


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White is one of the few colors that looks good on everyone; after all, white does it right. But when you have darker skin, white really does magic.

White brings a glow to your skin that hardly any other color can achieve. White complements all the colors, so you can wear it with anything in your wardrobe.

You can also use white accessories. Like white sunglasses or wear eye-catching white earrings, rings, or necklaces to achieve that pristine look.

P.S. Ever wondered why the white summer dress is in fashion every season?

2. Cobalt Blue


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While pastels look amazing on dark tones, cobalt blue is one of the deeper colors that highlight darker tones and also helps the wearer look thinner. It is a bold color that looks lovely in long dresses and long skirts. However, it looks good on pants and caftans, too.

The jewel tone emphasizes the rich hue of deep skin. Blue is a great alternative to black as well. You can use it for shoes and other accessories like purses (cobalt purses by Michael Kors have been in fashion for quite some time now).

Cobalt is also a favorite color in jewelry. Stones and gems in cobalt are absolutely eye-catching and offer a bright pop of color.

3. Red


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Just like you can never go wrong with red lips, you cannot go wrong with the color red, either. Red comes in so many shades that you can subtly incorporate it into your wardrobe.

However, not everyone is outgoing and confident about the color of strength. If you fall into this category, you don’t have to go all out. You can sneak red into your wardrobe with accessories like a scarf, gloves, bags, shoes, stockings, headbands, and similar accessories.

Red is also a gem color. Pair ruby jewelry with neutral outfits for a classic look.

4. Light Yellow


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Pastel is the right choice for people with dark skin tones. The pastel shade of light yellow is a happy color that is often seen in warm seasons like summer and spring.

Light yellow is specifically for darker tones, as it complements the skin and looks vibrant.

You can sneak yellow into your wardrobe with both skirts and tops. You can also wear scarves or head wraps to cradle your face. Fashion gurus recommend that you don yellow sandals or wedges for the required “pop of color”.

5. Pink


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Pink is not for everyone. It is very hard to pull off but it goes amazingly well with skin tones with blush undertones. Warm winter pink hues are the best, but lighter shades like baby pink work well too.

Pink contrasts well with darker shades and is a great accent color. You can add it in the form of t-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses, and pants. You can also add color by wearing pink accessories like jewelry and sunglasses.

6. Orange


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Orange is a bold color that is not ideal for lighter skin tones. However, it does great justice to darker tones with the lively contrast it offers. The contrast is striking and fun, and it is easy to say that orange is the combination color for darker tones.

However, you cannot have too much orange. Subtly sneak it into your wardrobe with kimono wraps, maxi dresses, and patterns.

Orange is also best used for accessories like bags and hats. You can also add it to your jewelry box with orange earrings and necklaces.

7. Dark Green

Dark Green

Image source: Pinterest

It is difficult to go wrong with nature’s color. Green suits every skin tone, but the darker shades are especially suitable for darker skin tones. Olive green, jade green, and emerald green look beautiful with dusky skin tones.

You can either use the color to accentuate other colors or for a full look. Emerald goes well with velvet, giving it a rich appearance. It is a color that can easily pull off a monochrome look, complete with emerald accessories.

8. Purple


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Purple is a romantic color associated with royalty. While it is often associated with fall and winter, shades of purple like violet and lavender are great for darker skin tones.

You can use light tones for dresses, pants, blouses, jackets, and more. You can use violet and lavender for accessories like scarves, gloves, and headbands for winter dressing.

Also, sandals and flip-flops in these pastel colors are amazing and help accentuate other colors.

9. Cream


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Cream falls between white and yellow, both of which work great for dark tones. This off-white color looks absolutely stunning for those with darker tones. It makes your skin sparkle and offers a striking contrast.

You can wear a dress, top, or even accessories like hats, scarves, sandals, headbands, and the like in this delightful color.

10. Gold


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Gold needs no introduction. The sparkling hue is your perfect party friend. Those with darker skin tones can never go wrong with gold. It is also excessively used in jewelry and accentuates most colors.

A full gold dress or gold jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, and earrings is perfect for complementing any look.

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