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5 Benefits Of Choosing A Company That Offers Both Moving And Storage

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When you move houses, specifically from one state to another, it is rarely the case that the move is as straightforward as directly transporting your things from one place to another. Moving requires tasks like proper packing, special transportation needs, and strategic planning regarding logistics.

In many cases, the best option for homeowners is to invest in storage while moving. Let’s discuss the benefits of choosing the best out of the moving companies with temporary storage.

Why Would You Need Moving Storage?

The logistics end of things can become quite a hassle when the move is between two long-distance areas or two states. Just make sure you stay away from moving scams and choose a reliable moving company. Here are some reasons why you may need storage during your move.

  • Your new place needs cleaning or renovations before you can move in.
  • Your move is a hurried one and you don’t have accommodation figured out yet.
  • You have a different traveling schedule than the movers and need to store your belongings somewhere before you reach your destination.
  • There is time between the end of your lease and the start of the new one.

If you are in any one of these situations, you will need storage during your move. Good moving companies offer storage facilities in the form of warehouses or loading trucks.

These companies usually keep your belongings packed within the loading truck so you don’t have to pack and unpack twice.

Benefits of Using Your Moving Company’s Storage

1. Convenient Services

Convenience is the best benefit of this arrangement. When you work with two separate companies for storage and moving, you will have to work on a more elaborate schedule and you will have to coordinate with two different points of contact to get things done.

Not to mention the two different sets of policies and restrictions that you will have to be aware of during the process. When you work with one company, you already know the policies and regulations.

2. Affordability

Moving companies that offer storage facilities often have package deals that can help you reduce the overall costs of your moving. If you choose separate companies for storage and moving, you have to keep in mind the cost of the actual storage and then the extra cost of moving said belongings to your new home when needed. To get a clear idea of the costs before making any decision, you can check free car shipping quotes online here.

3. All Round Services

When you choose two different companies to manage your storage and your moving, you may end up packing your things, loading and unloading them on your own. Your mover may also not assist in bringing items from the storage to the pickup point.

Choosing the same company ensures all this is taken care of including experts packing and unpacking your belongings with extra care and transporting them to and from their storage.

4. Peace of Mind

Your belongings are precious so you wouldn’t just put them in anyone’s care. You will thoroughly vet each company you work with. Working with two separate businesses will mean vetting options separately. When you choose one company, you save time and have the assurance that every aspect of the move is one individual entity.

5. Stress-Free Moving

Moving comes with its own set of responsibilities and stressful events. In the midst of this all, if you have one company that can take care of packing, storing, transporting, unpacking for you can be a bigger blessing than you can imagine. You can let the moving company handle all this while you deal with the other aspects of shifting to and settling in your new home.

Moving houses, specifically from one state to another is easier said than done. It comes with its own set of tasks that you need to achieve. From finding a new place to adjusting to it and also making sure your new home is all set for you and your family, the entire endeavor can be quite stressful for everyone involved.

Choosing to entrust the entire process of packing, storing, and moving to one reliable company can take some of this responsibility off of your shoulders and make moving a seamless experience for you. So vet out the best movers in the area and make sure you choose one that offers both moving and storage facilities at a great package deal. Happy Moving!

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