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How To Consume Hemp Flowers With CBD

The therapeutic properties of CBD are increasingly popular and many of its consumers turn to the natural form of consumption: CBD flowers.

CBD hemp flowers are buds collected from female industrial hemp plants. They comply with European regulations for containing less than 0.2% THC and today, there are varieties with high levels of CBD. In countries where marijuana is not legal there is a growing market for CBD hemp flowers.

CBD inflorescences are the most natural way to consume hemp flowers. They do not undergo any type of processing and preserve the different compounds they contain. Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids work synergistically to provide endless medicinal properties. Also, due to the low levels of THC, CBD flowers will not cause psychoactive effects.

Are CBD hemp flowers legal?

CBD flowers are legal in some European countries as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC. In the United States, for example, the limit is 0.3% so check the current legislation in your country. Today, CBD-based products are provided by many online sites. The most popular one is Naturalstrains.

How much CBD do hemp flowers contain?

The amount of CBD will depend on the variety you are consuming and its percentage of CBD.

For example, if your strain has 12% CBD it means that each gram of bud has approximately 120 mg of CBD.

How can you consume hemp flowers with CBD?

There are three ways to consume hemp flowers, which of course will depend on your personal preferences:

To smoke

As a cigarette or using a pipe. Although the therapeutic benefit is obtained quickly, it is not highly recommended due to the aggressiveness of the smoke in your lungs due to combustion.


The vaporizers do not burn the flowers, they heat them just enough to generate a vapor that will be absorbed by the lungs.

This absorption, like smoking, is also fast and immediate. But you will have to get a valid vape to consume hemp flowers, since they are not all.

To cook

Hemp flowers are used as an ingredient in a wide variety of recipes.

To use the buds as edibles there is an essential step that you must carry out: decarboxylation. Hemp flowers must be pre-heated to activate cannabinoids.

Many consumers, in addition to adding them as another spice, ingest it by infusion or create a butter or oil to prepare cooking recipes. If you are interested in consuming CBD, it is best to start with small doses and gradually adapt the amount in a personal and individualized way. You can start with these CBD oils.

Tips for consuming CBD hemp flowers

Follow these guidelines and you will know if the product obtained is of quality:

– Aroma: good CBD hemp flowers have an intense and penetrating odor due to their terpene content.

– The color will be green and bright although in some varieties it will also tend to purple or violet. Avoid flowers with brown or yellowish hues.

– The more trichomes it contains (resinous hairs), the better quality.

– If the pistils of the plant are golden in color, they are at their optimum point of maturation and therefore of quality.

– Let the flower be dry, but resinous. If it is sticky when separated, it is of good quality.

– That the buds are dense and well dense.

In the end, always check with your doctor or other healthcare professionals for any health concerns you may have.

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