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50 Couples’ Bucket List Ideas You’ll Love

by Martha Simmonds

A couple’s bucket list is an incredible way to keep the romance alive. A bucket list can help you make your bond stronger as work together to tick off your goals.

So, whether you feel like your relationship is stuck in a rut or are just looking for some fun ideas to spend time with your partner, here’s a curated list of 50 fun and romantic activities to do with your significant other.

Why Do You Need To Have A Bucket List As A Couple?


A bucket list essentially gives you clear and specific goals to work towards. It functions the same way for couples so that together they can dream, hope, and try to achieve their goals as partners.

Creating a bucket list with your partner will help you reflect on what you both value and create memories together. As you cross out each item on your couple’s bucket list, you get to do something fun together and may even learn valuable lessons along the way that can help strengthen your relationship.

While you may have to compromise with each other’s recommendations, you will also learn more about your partner and appreciate each other more.

50 Couples Bucket List Ideas That You Need To Try

#1. Build Blanket Fortress

Bring back your childhood and camp out in the living room using blankets and pillows.

#2. Schedule A Fruit Picking Date

Drive down to the local farm for a lovely weekend date.

#3. Bake Something Together


Try your hand at creating sweet treats and bake a pie or a cake using all the fruits you picked.

#4. Jump In A Pile Of Leaves

Hold hands and jump over a pile of golden, crunchy leaves.

#5. Go To A Vineyard And Attend A Wine Tasting

You may not be a wine connoisseur, but you can still enjoy the varietals together and bring home a wine to remember the day by.

#6. Enjoy A B&B Staycation

Get away for a day and book a room at your town’s quaintest bed and breakfast.

#7. Go To A County Fair

Good food, exciting rides, and fun games — what better way to spend a day with your partner?

#8. Volunteer As A Couple

Support a cause you both strongly believe in by volunteering.

#9. Make Dinner For One Another

No rules, no limitations — so long as everything’s cooked at home and from the heart.

#10. Ride A Hot Air Balloon


Grab a bottle of champagne and fly high!

#11. Stay In Bed All Day

Be lazy and savor your time together under the covers.

#12. Dance Under The Moon And Stars

Cap off a perfect date by kicking off your shoes and dancing under the moon and stars.

#13. Sleep Under A Sky Of Stars

Go camping or pitch a tent in your backyard to enjoy a star-lit night sky.

#14. Spend The Day Tech-free

Tuck your phones away, and don’t turn on your computers, laptops, or tablets for 24 hours.

#15. Unwind With A Couple’s Spa And Massage

Give your body some TLC with a detox spa and a relaxing massage.

#16. Visit Each Other’s Hometown

Welcome your significant other into the place of your childhood.

#17. Make A Trip To Disneyland


Unleash the kid in you and let the magic of Disney overpower you.

#18. Bask In A Tropical Paradise

A getaway to soak under the sun and swim in the ocean.

#19. Learn Something New Together

Be classmates as you take this educational endeavor together.

#20. Spend The Entire Summer Overseas

Pick a continent or country that will serve as your home for the summer.

#21. Work On A DIY Project

Work on a project together for your home.

#22. Set Up A Picnic At Home By The Fireplace

Can you think of a better romantic winter date night?

#23. Play Truth And Dare

Test each others’ honesty and game-on attitude with this game.

#24. Go For Any Outdoor Activity Both Of You Haven’t Tried


Be one with nature, and let your adrenaline keep you going.

#25. Try Skydiving Together

Another adrenaline-pumping activity! Nothing beats falling from the sky.

#26. Get A Small Tattoo

Make sure you get a tattoo that means something to both of you.

#27. Join A Muddy Obstacle Race

Get down and dirty by joining a fun race with your friends.

#28. Karaoke Night

Belt out those tunes, reach those high notes, and see who gets the highest score!

#29. Go On A Weekend Picnic And Play Frisbee At The Park

Relaxed day-outs are best after a week of work and stress.

#30. Explore An Arboretum Together

You may not have a green thumb, but greenhouses offer the perfect background for those pictures.

#31. Attend A Festival Out Of State Or Out Of The Country


Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Ultra Music Festival? Let loose and have fun!

#32. Throw A dart At A Map, And Follow The Road

Take a chance and leave your next destination to destiny.

#33. Attend A Luau

Head to Maui for a traditional Luau and enjoy the islands.

#34. Share A Kiss In Times Square On New Year’s Eve

Nothing can be more romantic than bringing in the New Year with a kiss.

#35. Conquer The Grand Canyon

Climb the summit of the Grand Canyon together.

#36. Share Your Fears And Insecurities

Never forget — honesty and communication make relationships stronger.

#37. Witness The Northern Lights

Take a trip to Iceland to see the magical Aurora Borealis up close.

#38. Go To Paris And Kiss On Top Of The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Paris, after all, is the city of love!

#39. Stay A Weekend In A Cabin In The Woods

Cozy up and forget about the outside world as you spend some “you and me” time in the woods.

#40. Experience A Gondola Ride In Venice

Pricey, but definitely picturesque and worth the experience!

#41. Take Out A Boat In The Middle Of A Lake

Paddle a boat out into the lake and let the water relax you as you watch the sunset together.

#42. Spend A Vacation In Another Continent

Feed each other’s adventurous side and visit another continent.

#43. Experience A Drive-in Movie

Go retro and watch a movie at a drive-in.

#44. Watch The Sunrise And/or Sunset Together

Simple, cheap, and an always-available option — a beautiful way to start or end your day together by basking in the beautiful glow of the sun.

#45. Go Skinny Dipping

Make sure you pick the right place where you’re both safe when you decide to do this.

#46. Kiss In The Rain


Hands down, the most romantic item on anyone’s bucket list!

#47. Have A Candlelight Dinner On A Rooftop

Good food, candles, some fairy lights, and the person you love the most — all in one place.

#48. Go To A Live Game

Doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball, football, basketball, or tennis game, just as long as you both like to be there.

#49. Recreate Your First Date

Revel in a romantic déjà vu and you will fall in love all over again.

#50. Renew Your Vows

Reaffirming your commitment to each other is one way to celebrate the love you share.

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