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Tips For Creating A Good Modern Resume

by Martha Simmonds

If you are looking forward to developing an efficient and efficient modern resume, then here are some tips to consider:


The use of images and graphics is a major benefit of modern resumes. It helps to seek the recruiter’s attention and works as an accent for different parts, such as educational qualifications or skills. Using graphics in moderation is good, or your resume may look immature.

The portions of modern resume templates are segregated by white spaces and lines, enhancing the readability and making the resume scannable.


Using bold and light fonts like Georgia, Verdana or Rubik is suggested. Bold the words that you want to emphasize.

Do not use a font like Times New Roman. They look outdated and cast a poor impression on the recruiter.


When using a modern resume, use bold and bright colors that seek attention. You can go for orange, blue or purple. But make sure you don’t use more than three different colors. Choose dark shades rather than lighter ones because they look better on a white background.



The header plays a vital role in modern resume templates. It has the contact details of the applicant. Bold the name if you want. You can also add an avatar to showcase your confidence.

You can also add a heading statement that tells the recruiter about you in just a few words. Below the header, you can add a summary section that describes your achievements.

Main section

Firstly, you should mention your job experience where every job position should be mentioned in bullet points in reverse chronological format, starting with the newest one. Use as many action verbs as possible that are related to the posting.

Next, add the education section in the same format. Include the recent education course first and then the rest. Mention this information also in bullet points.

Lastly, add your skills and achievements. Mention the awards that are won by you.

Additional section

A unique feature of the modern resume template is that it offers an additional section where you can mention your hobbies, interest, and project to give the hiring manager an insight into who you are.

Sections to leave

Well, you can skip the objective section. The resumes are customized specifically according to the job position you’re applying for. Hence, you can give this part a skip. You don’t have to describe your intentions as they are self-explanatory.

Number of pages

Well, the industry standards apply here. If you have a work experience of 10 years, you should go for a one-page resume. But if your work experience is more than 10 years, you should choose a two-page resume. Do not use smaller fonts; make it into a two-page resume.

Language and tone

The modern resume should have a lot of action verbs that showcase the expertise and talent of the candidate. The content should showcase its originality and appear energetic and authentic rather than artificial and dry.

These are some tips to keep in mind when using modern resume templates for creating your resume.

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