creative ways to learn a new language

5 Creative Ways To Learn A New Language

The idea of learning a new language is an exciting prospect! It helps to create connections with people, challenges the boundaries of engaging with media and entertainment, and simply makes us feel more intelligent. But research suggests that after our formal years of schooling, grasping a new language becomes difficult.

However, it is never impossible! If you have embarked on a journey of learning a new language and have hit some bumps along the way, hang tight! Here are some creative ways technology can help you overcome those pesky roadblocks. 

5 Surprising Ways Technology Can Help You Learn A New Language

If you have always wanted to learn a new language but do not wish to bury your head in books, you have come to the right place. From French to Japanese, Hindi to Portuguese, and more, there is a fun way to learn and master them all! 

1. Apps, Apps, Apps!

One of the most exhausting things about learning a language in school was all the books and worksheets one had to refer to. Nobody expects us to carry around those heavy materials now. But then, how do we grasp a new language without practicing it? Hop on to your app marketplace!

Whether iOS or Android, you will find numerous easy-to-use apps that will guide you on your language learning journey. Duolingo is a crowd favorite, but there are also Memrise, Babbel, and a lot more out there. Explore them and find the one that best fits your language learning needs. 

2. Binge Away!

Yes, you can enjoy and learn at the same time! What a time to be alive, right? By binge-watching regional shows using subtitles, you train your brain to associate sounds with meaning to be able to replicate them eventually. And you don’t even have to worry about renting out movies anymore; there is a repertoire of free content available on streaming and movie download websites.

Before you get excited, heed this word of caution! Not all sites are completely safe. While they may look harmless on the outside, your data and information might be seriously compromised as you browse through some regional websites.

But do not worry! Proxies save you that trouble. Today, you can even find country-based proxies that will allow you to access content that would have been otherwise inaccessible. Want to watch some Italian shows? Find proxies based in Italy. Looking to learn Japanese through movies? Learn more about Japan proxies

3. Cook It Up

This one might be a little tricky initially, but it is also a perfect way to learn cooking as you pick up a new language. Cook with recipes that are in the language you are looking to learn. This activity gives you a fun (and tasty) challenge while familiarizing you with some simple words. The internet has a range of free websites that provide recipes from all cuisines and languages. As a beginner, you could ask a friend to run a typical recipe through Google Translate and hand you the recipe to decode and work on! 

4. Listen To Learn

While you might not know people who speak the language you want to learn, you can always find someone to listen to! What’s better than learning a language? Acquiring some interesting information as you do it. Listen to fiction, thriller, comedy, lifestyle, and many other kinds of podcasts in the language you wish to learn. You will not even realize it when you start to understand the content almost fluently. It’s magic! 

In addition to listening to podcasts, there are many other creative ways to learn a new language. For example, find a language exchange partner online and practice speaking with them regularly. You can also join online language classes or hire an online language tutor to receive personalized feedback and guidance. Watching movies and TV shows in the language you’re learning can also help improve your comprehension and pronunciation. Don’t be afraid to try new methods and mix up your language learning routine for the best results!

5. Switch Up The Settings

This method might be the easiest and funniest way to learn a new language on this list. We recommend you do this in conjunction with the other fun stuff in this article to reap the full benefits. Change the language settings on your phone and social media accounts. It is slightly nerve-wracking at first but also a hilarious way to learn some basics. 

Final Thoughts

Language learning is a thrilling venture. It improves our cognitive abilities as well as gives us a sense of confidence and achievement. Today, picking up a new language has become so much easier and more convenient with the use of the beautiful World Wide Web. Why wait when you can carpe diem?

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