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Everything You Need To Know About The Curly Girl Method

Do you have curly hair? If that is the case, then it is safe to say that keeping it under control can be very challenging for you. Many girls dream about having your hair type, while it is very likely that you probably have a hard time washing and styling it.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that you are here, your troubles have come to an end. Why is that the case? Because once you are done reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about the curly girl method!

No matter how curly your hair is, this method can help you get it under control. It is not going to be effortless, though. You will have to learn proper washing and styling techniques and buy specific hair care products. However, the end result is definitely going to be worth the hassle!

What Is the Curly Girl Method?

According to the hair experts at, the curly girl method is a hair treatment philosophy that was introduced by Lorraine Massey. If you have curly hair, it can help you keep it healthy and strong.

The method is based on using shampoo alternatives that are made with gentle ingredients that will not damage your curls. On top of that, the curly girl method promotes using styling techniques that are great for curly hair.

What Are the Alternatives To Shampoo?

The curly girl method is not an easy one. You will have to follow it carefully to get the best results possible. First of all, you will need to buy shampoo alternatives that will not damage your curls.

You can use natural products like baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and castile soap. They will clean your hair very gently and will not damage it in any way. If you have curly hair, you can use these products every two or three days. If you have wavy hair, try using them once every three or four days.

Why should you avoid using shampoo? That is a good question! Cleaning your hair with a shampoo that is way too strong can strip your scalp of its natural oils and make your curls dry and brittle. Thus, using shampoo is best avoided unless you are convinced that it is not going to be too strong.

What Is the Styling Process Like?

The second part of the curly girl method is all about the styling process. If you wish to style your curls without using heat, you should opt for air drying and combing them with a wide-tooth comb. Moreover, you can always try using a diffuser, which is a useful device meant to help dry curly hair quickly and effectively.

If you have frizzy hair, you can try spraying it with water after combing it out. On top of that, you can try using a leave-in conditioner that is made just for curly hair. It will help your curls stay soft and shiny. To top it all off, do not forget about deep conditioning your hair every two weeks or so.

What Hair Care Products Should You Choose?

Caring for your curls is not an easy task, especially if you want your hair to stay healthy and bouncy. Ideally, you should look for products that will add moisture to your hair. However, at the same time, they should be lightweight enough not to weigh your hair down.

The best product for maintaining healthy curls is olive oil. You should apply it to the ends of your hair and massage it in very gently. Then, you should leave it on for the night and wash it out in the morning. It will moisturise your curls and prevent them from drying out.

You can also use smoothie treatments to hydrate your curls from the inside. Such smoothies usually contain avocado, banana, and other ingredients with minerals that will help your skin and hair stay healthy and nourished.

Are You Ready To Give It a Try?

The curly girl method is not an easy one, but it will definitely help you keep your curls in top shape. Additionally, you will not need to use heavy styling products or heat. You might have to learn a few hairstyling techniques and buy specific hair care products, but it will certainly be worth the effort!

If you want your curls to be smooth, soft, and shiny, then the curly girl method is a perfect solution for you. You just have to have a bit of patience and put in the effort. Soon enough, you should be able to see the results!

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