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dangers of truck brake failure crashes

The Dangers of Truck Brake Failure Crashes: What You Need to Know

by Martha Simmonds

Truck brake failure crashes are a serious issue that can have devastating consequences. Thousands of people are injured or killed yearly in truck accidents due to brake system failures. Moreover, heavy cargo mobility makes these accidents more prevalent in big cities with a coastline. In California, for instance, 5,700 heavy trucks ended up in fatal crashes in 2021, a rise of 49% over the previous ten years and 18% from 2020.

Calling for immediate medical attention, reporting the accident, and consulting an attorney to help you get through the compensation is handy in such circumstances. Suppose you meet with an accident with a large commercial vehicle; you must contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected and justice is served. The best California big rig truck crash attorney can help the victims of a crash involving a large commercial vehicle, leading to injury, property damage, or even death.

While these types of crashes may be relatively rare, drivers and passengers need to understand better the causes of such incidents to prepare themselves for any potential danger on the road. In this blog post, we will explore some common causes of truck brake failure crashes and what you should know about them. 

What Causes Truck Brake Failure Crashes? 

Many different factors can contribute to a truck brake failure crash; however, some of the most common include: 

1) Poor Maintenance: 

One of the primary causes of truck brake failure crashes is poor maintenance by either the driver or their employer. All trucks must have regular inspections and maintenance performed on their brake systems to function appropriately when needed most – during an emergency on the roadways. Negligence in performing this type of preventative maintenance could result in catastrophic consequences if not addressed promptly.  

2) Driver Error: 

Another common cause for truck brake failure crashes is driver error; whether it’s from improper braking techniques or simply not paying attention while driving, mistakes can prove deadly when behind the wheel of large vehicles like trucks with heavy loads attached behind them. Drivers must always be aware while operating these vehicles and practice safe driving habits to reduce their risk on the roads significantly.

3) Mechanical Issues: 

Finally, mechanical issues may also be responsible for causing truck brake failure crashes; if there’s something wrong with one or more components within a vehicle’s braking system, it could lead to disastrous results if left unaddressed before getting out on the roads again after repairs. All vehicles should be inspected regularly by qualified mechanics specializing in commercial vehicles so any potential issues can be identified quickly before any potential danger arises.  

How Can I Avoid Being Involved In A Truck Brake Failure Crash? 

There are several steps you can take as both a driver and passenger which will help reduce your chances significantly when it comes to avoiding being involved with one of these types of dangerous situations: 

1) Make sure your vehicle has regular inspections by qualified mechanics specializing in automotive repair services; this will help ensure your safety while out on public highways.  

2) Always pay close attention while driving near large commercial vehicles like semi-trucks, buses, etc.; never assume they will come to complete stops whenever necessary; instead, give yourself extra space between you & them just in case they do not stop suddenly as expected.  

3) If possible, avoid traveling at night; visibility tends to decrease during dark hours, making it harder for drivers & other motorists alike to spot each other until it’s too late. Additionally, make sure headlights & taillights work properly so other cars & trucks around you know exactly where you’re always going.    

4) When passing through construction zones, follow posted speed limits closely; sudden stops may occur unexpectedly due to increased activity around the area, potentially leading to disastrous situations if proper precautions aren’t taken beforehand. Also, keep your eyes open and look out for workers nearby who may cross the street without warning, making sure to give way accordingly so everyone remains safe throughout the journey ahead.       


Truck brake failure crashes occur far too often, resulting in severe injury or even death. Unfortunately, they are due to negligence, either part driver themselves or employers not maintaining their vehicles properly leading up to the incident itself occurring begin with. By understanding some common causes mentioned above, along with tips on avoiding being involved in such hazardous scenarios, read this blog to learn how to protect yourself against dangers on public highways today, moving forward in future endeavors.

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