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What You Can Do with a Degree in Psychology

by Martha Simmonds

Many people believe that degrees in psychology are only a pathway to a career in psychology, but the qualification can open many other opportunities based on the variety of knowledge and skills obtained. Do not feel disheartened if you are unsure where to head after completing your studies in psychology, there are many directions for graduates to take, with options to suit your aspirations.

Whether you decide to continue your studies, start working in psychology, or explore roles in other industries, you will be proud to show off your academic accomplishments. Consider these examples in your decision-making to find the ideal environment to progress towards.

Start Working in Psychology

After spending years studying psychology, graduates are often confident in being ready to step into the industry. The choice which is not always easy is to identify the perfect role to apply for, with a wide selection available that all make a positive impact on the world.

Begin by establishing personal career goals by reflecting on the main passions that fueled the decision to pursue psychology in the first place. This can help to highlight which career path would provide an opportunity to confidently apply and develop knowledge and skills built throughout the degree. Some of the typical roles in psychology are:

• Psychologist – analyzing and providing advice on behaviors, thoughts, and emotions
• Educational Psychologist – providing services to young people in education
• Psychotherapist – using cognitive behavioral methods to help with psychological issues
• Counselor – advising clients to help deal with and overcome adversities
• Teacher – tutoring young people in education about psychology
• Researcher – conducting research for organizations to resolve challenges in psychology
• Social Worker – working to safeguard vulnerable people in difficult situations

Continue Your Studies

Many students find that after an undergraduate degree, further study in a more focused area is desired. If this is the case, it might be worth looking at applying to a psychology school to advance onto a postgraduate course. Master’s degrees are beneficial for graduates wanting to develop knowledge and skills in a specialized field, or those wanting to choose a new career path. Postgraduate studies widen job opportunities and strengthen applications to help counter rising competition in the industry.

Consider Roles in Other Industries

As well as being set on roles or postgraduate courses in psychology, it is also common for graduates to realize that this field will not bring them long-term happiness as a career path. This is not an issue, because the knowledge and skills gained from studying one field, can be applied to many other roles in other industries. If this is something that resonates, consider looking into other careers of interest to understand if a psychology degree could be relevant. Some examples include:

• Human Resource Management
• Marketing
• Finances
• Legal Firms and Organizations
• Government

Now that you have your degree in psychology, there are many options to explore. You can continue your studies to achieve a postgraduate qualification, start working in psychology or consider roles in other industries. The knowledge and skills gained in a psychology degree are great for a plethora of roles. To pursue a specialized field, further studies can be helpful. However, there is no shortage of paths to explore, so take time to consider which is best for you.

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