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Top Discounts To Travel To Maryland In 2022!

For those in colder states, it might seem like there’s no escape from the snow and biting winds. You definitely deserve an escape. And if you’re like many Americans right now, you just got a nice tax return check.

Or, if you’re like other Americans, you owe money on your taxes and are left with a pretty bleak financial future for the next few months. Either way, it’s understandable that you probably want a vacation but worry about how you would afford it.

Enter Maryland! Maryland has everything you could want for a vacation destination, be it for a family, friend group, or just for two. There are gorgeous waterfront spots on the bay, historical sites that hearken back to the nation’s earliest days, and the latest in big city trends.

And yes, Maryland can easily be a budget travel destination. With a bit of looking, you can avoid those Hollywood-style hotel prices and downright wrong parking fees of NYC.

Much of Maryland’s best comes from nature or history, with no fee attached. For the rest, you can easily find discount codes or group rates. Here are the 5 best places to go in Maryland along with some sweet deals.

1. Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay goes deep into the state, creating what’s called the Chesapeake Loop. This Loop takes you around the bay and back out, where you’ll find big cities, quiet seaside towns with friendly people, places to explore nature, and more. There’s a Maritime Museum and lighthouse tours for seafaring enthusiasts.

Foodies will want to check out Smith Island, home of the famous Smith Cake. The people of the island have roots that go deep, and they kept up the tradition of baking a layered cake in the European style.

The Smith Cake is a destination dessert. Groupon is a great place to find deals on hotels along the bay. Many of the hotels include extra amenities like hot tubs and golf courses.

2. Storyteller Tour

If you can make room for one afternoon on the bay, take a Storyteller Tour. The storyteller tour guides are specially trained to know the old tales and legends of Maryland. Different storytellers specialize in different subjects, so there’s something for everyone.

Storyteller Tours can sail you around to historical sites, reveal hidden natural wonders, take you through old towns, and show you some of the best seafood in the state. Maryland’s own tourism site is a great hub for discounts on local attractions like Storyteller Tours.

3. Casinos And Sports Betting

Sports betting is legal in Maryland, and it’s a hot ticket item. You can visit a casino for a nice resort stay along with a helping of high-stakes gambling, or bet on a live sports game while you watch it in the stadium.

The best way to get a discount on your wagers, and even a free bet or two, is to use a sportsbook app. These apps often offer promo codes for new users. Check out Caesars betting promo codes for more info on sports betting deals.

4. Ft. McHenry

This sturdy fort is known as the site where Francis Scott Key got inspiration to write The Star-Spangled Banner, our National Anthem. During the War of 1812, American troops held out through the night against greater numbers of British forces.

They held the fort until the British retreated and then held the flag high, as the song goes. The fort is considered a National Park when it comes to entry fees, but you can find promo codes here.

5. Baltimore Inner Harbor

If you’re looking for a place to start your journey along the Loop, or just a place for a luxurious dinner along the bay, Baltimore has what you need.

The city blends both the peace of a harbor with the bustle of a downtown district. You can find a number of promo codes for local restaurants, parking, and attractions on this site.

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