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DIY Ejuice? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Even though the e-juice industry is growing steadily every year, and you can find cheap vape liquid deals, many vapers have started mixing their own e-juices at home. That’s because using homemade e-juices provides all kinds of benefits. It’s much cheaper, and it allows you to experiment with different flavors and combine them to create something unique you can’t buy in a store.

If you think that mixing your own e-juices is a complicated process, you’re wrong. All you need is a few pieces of equipment and at least four ingredients. Of course, you can mix them in many different ways and experiment with different flavors however you want. Keep reading, and we’ll take you through the process.

Getting Started

Do you know how to DIY e-liquid? You first need the right equipment and ingredients, and you need to understand the entire process. The process is quite simple, so there’s no need for expensive laboratory equipment. With the right equipment, you can turn your kitchen into an e-juice factory in minutes. Here’s a quick overview of all the ingredients you need.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – VG is a thick fluid used in many different industries, including pharmacy, hygiene products, the food industry, and e-juices. It’s a mildly sweet ingredient that improves the taste of other ingredients and provides vapor clouds.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – Unlike VG, PG is an odorless, thin fluid without a taste, used in the same industries as VG. A higher ratio of PG provides a better flavor but produces less vapor. If you prefer flavor over vapor, it’s just what your DIY e-juice needs.

Diluted Nicotine – The level of nicotine depends on your comfort level. If you want high nicotine levels, you should be careful when mixing. Make sure that you don’t spill it on your skin as it can cause damage. Mix the nicotine with either a VG or a PG base.

Flavor Concentrates – The last ingredient you’ll need is flavor concentrates that make the biggest difference when mixing e-juices. You can try many different flavors, and most of them are already diluted with a PG base. Since that’s the case, you should take that extra PG into consideration when figuring out the final ratio.


Apart from the ingredients, you’ll also need a few bottles, a syringe, and protective gloves to mix everything up. Here’s a quick overview of the supplies you need.

Bottles – You will need bottles to store your e-juices once you’re done. Any bottle will do just fine, but most standard e-juices come in 30mL, 60mL, or 120mL bottles. You can also go with smaller bottles during the testing phase, and they are usually the best choice for experimenting with new flavors.

Syringes or Pipettes – Since you’ll have to take one ingredient and mix it with another, a syringe or a pipette is a must. Make sure that they come with markings that allow you to measure the ingredients.

Gloves – Gloves are a must as they protect your skin and prevent contamination. Nitrile gloves are the best option, but any rubber gloves will do just fine.

Choosing and Mixing an E-juice

When you’ve gathered all of the ingredients and supplies, you’re ready to start mixing your first DIY e-juice. Start with finding a recipe you want to try. If it’s your first mixing, try not to use more than two or three flavors until you truly understand how things work. Here’s a quick overview of the process.

• Pick the flavors you want to use and make sure that their mix doesn’t exceed 20% of the final product. Too much flavor will have a negative effect and make you feel like you’re puffing perfume. The idea is to find the perfect sweet spot.

• Mix the right PG to VG ratio. Neither PG nor VG affects the taste, but they do affect viscosity and how hard you have to pull on the vape. For example, if you make a 50-50 PG to VG mix, you’ll get a split between vapor production and flavor. If you plan on chasing clouds, you’ll need a 30-70 PG to VG mix, as a higher percentage of VG produces thick e-juice and more vapor. If you want more flavor, mix a 70-30 PG to VG ratio, and you will get a thinner e-juice with a rich flavor.

• The last step is to add nicotine, which doesn’t have any exact ratios. It’s all a thing of personal preference, so start small and work your way up until you find the perfect measure. Find a nicotine calculator online, and you should be able to create a perfect mix right away.

The Bottom Line

Even though there are thousands of affordable e-juices on the market, making your own mix will provide you with unique flavors and nicotine levels. With a little practice, you will be able to mix some fantastic e-juices for cloud chasing or come up with incredible flavors no one else has thought of before. If you’re ready to give it a try, you won’t be sorry in the end. Have fun making your perfect e-juice.

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