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7 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just sitting around the corner, yet you’re still thinking about the gifts you can give to your precious mom that will flutter her heart when she receives them. Moreover, you also want to give gifts that are really from the bottom of your heart and that you’ve exerted effort.

Don’t worry, as this article will give you seven Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mother’s Day Gift Ideas wherein you can pour your heart out while creating it, and expect that your mother will surely love it as you personally made it for them.

1. Potted Plants That Are Your Mother’s Favorites

If you happen to know your mom’s favorite plants or she likes to take care of the greens, you can buy mother’s day plants for her, particularly her favorites. You can get her favorite flowers or plants that come with a pot, which you can paint after her favorite color, or put her name on it through hand painting.

Moreover, your mother can appreciate this because it shows that you remember her preferences and that you gave it a thought while picking your gift.

2. Create A Memory Jar

Compiling all the memories you’ve made with your mom is a genuine way to show that you value all of the bad and good times you’ve been together. Furthermore, you both know that these left you with lessons and smiles along the way.

You can get a jar, make a strip of colored paper to write the individual memories you remember with your mother, and add some short personal messages. In addition, you can add quotes related to your mother and your bond with her. This way, you can express your feelings creatively to your mother on that special day.

3. Mom’s Day Self-Care Kit

Knowing your mother’s essentials like her preferred skincare, perfume, or other products that she usually uses can be part of your Mom’s Day Self-Care kit. This kit can be a great help and can be used by your mother daily.

Also, it manifests that you remember what she needs or wants to pamper herself. You’re also helping her save money by buying the products she uses daily and giving her the things on her wish list.

4. Do-It-Yourself Frame

People say that a picture speaks a thousand words. That said, it’s a good idea to customize the frame you want to use for the images you’ve printed for Mother’s Day. You can add designs that align with your mother’s personality, or you can paint it with her favorite color.

Furthermore, you can also add stickers, quotes, and her name to the frame’s borders. This way, the image attached and your handmade design to the picture frame that you’ve bought can add up to the sweet memories that you and your mother will cherish in the future.

5. Calendar For Busy Working Moms

If your mother is a busy working mom who needs to be organized and on time for her schedule, then a personalized calendar may be an excellent idea for your mother’s day’s gift. You can look for free customizable calendars online, attach some of your pictures, and print them.

Additionally, you can also add designs or quotes that can motivate your mother during her working hours and remind her how much she is loved by her family and friends.

6. Do-It-Yourself Knitted Scarf

A scarf can be a great addition to your mother’s closet, your mother can use it during the cold season. Likewise, if you have the skills to create a knitted scarf, you can start knitting weeks before Mother’s Day so that you can finish it on time. You can choose your mother’s favorite color when you’re going to select this DIY gift.

With this, your mother will always value and remember you when she wears the knitted scarf that you’ve created for her.

7. Personalized Hand Painted Tote Bag

If you have the talent of a painter, you can buy a plain canvas tote bag wherein you can paint your mother’s favorites on the tote bag. You may use non-washable paint so that the design that you’ll be creating in the bag won’t wear out.

In addition, you can also paint some lyrics of her favorite songs on the tote bag if you think that it’s too hard to paint some detailed images.


Having a Mother’s Day gift isn’t a requirement. However, if you plan to give one, it shouldn’t be expensive or branded. As long as it’s genuinely prepared or created by you, your mother will surely appreciate it.

Furthermore, if it’s just a simple gift but it’s from the bottom of your heart, your mothers will surely treasure it forever.

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