hiring a lawyer for your car accident claim case

The Downsides Of Not Hiring A Lawyer For Your Car Accident Claim Case

Hiring an attorney after a car accident can be a good idea for many reasons. Not only are lawyers well equipped to fight your case and protect your rights, but they also provide valuable advice and resources to help you get the best settlement possible. But how does not hiring an attorney affect you? You may not have an attorney’s guidance during settlement talks with the other party. This means you may have to pay more to settle your case.

However, having a lawyer does not necessarily mean you are a poor negotiator. If you hire a lawyer for a car accident claim, it can give you the upper hand in negotiating a settlement that is fair for both parties. Below are the downsides of not hiring an attorney.

1. You May Get A Low Settlement Offer

You may not know it, but lawyers sometimes take cases they believe to be unfavorable. For example, your claim will only be worth so much after the other party is taken care of. Your lawyer can help you get the best settlement offer possible. By hiring a lawyer, you can receive a legal opinion on how to mitigate your losses, resulting in greater compensation.

If you fail to hire an attorney, you may not know how to negotiate with the other party. You may be able to settle with only some of your losses, or even none at all. The point is that you might not win a case without a lawyer, but having an attorney can help you get more money for your claim.

2. You May Pay More For Your Car Accident Claim

Hiring an attorney can work to your advantage when negotiating settlements after a car accident. For example, you may have to get back and neck treatment after your car accident. Without having a lawyer to guide you, you could accept a settlement offer that doesn’t cover the cost of these treatments.

Sometimes an insurance adjuster may offer an inappropriate settlement if they don’t think you know what to ask for. Not only can your lawyer protect you from this, but they can also sit in on any negotiation talks you have with the other party. Attorneys are also equipped to handle matters like insurance fraud, which can ultimately save you money.

3. Your Claim May Not Be Processed Quickly

One of the major reasons to consider hiring a car accident lawyer is the length of the case. Getting a car accident claim handled without a lawyer’s help can be lengthy. For example, you may have to take time off of work after an accident. However, if you don’t hire a lawyer, you could wait for your settlement for a few months or even years.

You must follow many rules and regulations if you decide to handle your accident claim independently. You will also have limited time to file formal paperwork for certain actions. An attorney can help you get through the legal system easily and quickly.

4. You May Not Know When To Appeal A Decision

Hiring an attorney can help you file an appeal if you don’t like the outcome of your case. You may want to appeal if the insurance company does not completely cover your losses or does not pay attention to certain details of your case. Hiring a lawyer after an accident is important if you want to follow through with an appeal because they know the state and federal law and how judges operate.


Hiring an attorney can be beneficial and is not always necessary. You should consult an attorney in your state to find the best fit for your claim. Hiring the wrong attorney could result in fewer funds, incorrect advice, or ineffective case handling.

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