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dreaming about stabbing someone

Dreaming About Stabbing Someone: 15 Meanings

by Martha Simmonds

Dreams have a powerful emotional effect on people’s everyday lives. In fact, they can affect your mood and behavior for days to come. However, if these dreams are scary and stressful, their impact may even be multiplied.

While most people’s terrifying dreams involve monsters, others hit close to home and are about stabbing someone familiar. This type of dream is very common and is known to cause a lot of distress for anyone who experiences it.

But what does it mean to dream about stabbing someone? And most importantly, is it always a sign that something bad is about to happen? It’s time to take a deeper look at the meaning behind such dreams.

When You Dream About Stabbing Someone: 15 Meanings

More often than not, people assume that dreams about stabbing someone foretell death. However, the answer is not that simple. As a matter of fact, there are multiple interpretations based on the person that you stabbed.


1. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Father

Dreaming about stabbing your dad might point towards a new phase in your life. In other words, it might represent that you’re about to give up on an old job, project, or business, and start from scratch.

Others believe that stabbing a father figure in a dream is a sign from the universe, telling you that success is within reach. No matter which interpretation you prefer, one thing is clear — this kind of dream is not a bad omen and should be embraced.

2. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Mother

Have you ever dreamed about stabbing your mom? While that might sound very macabre, the dream doesn’t have literal implications. Instead, it might be a subconscious representation of the negative emotions that you have towards your mother. In fact, experts believe that this dream is more common amongst people who have a strained relationship with their mother figure and would like to make amends.

Another theory is that stabbing your mother in a dream is a direct reflection of your power. Though it might sound paradoxical, the mother in a dream can signify your weakness, which you get rid of through stabbing. So, take a step back and analyze your relationship with your mother to figure out if it applies to you and your situation.

3. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Brother

Dreaming about hurting your brother can indeed be a scary experience. However, this dream reveals that you are willing to use force in order to achieve your goals. Some would argue that this is a sign the universe is trying to help you abandon your aggressive approach.

Alternatively, the dream could warn you regarding a bad situation that’s about to unfold. If that’s the case, you just have to push forward, as this dream hints at a peaceful solution that’s beneficial for all parties involved.

4. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Sister

This type of dream indicates renewal and cleansing. It’s a sign that you are now finding yourself in a transitional phase of your life and that making the right decision will bring you closer to your goals. Regardless of how terrifying it is, dreaming about stabbing your sister is a good omen and rarely has a negative connotation.

5. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Partner

If you dream about stabbing your husband, it might mean that you should distance yourself from negative situations and people. On the other hand, some people consider this dream a sign of success and renewal, as it advises you to change your approach or attitude.

However, if your dreams involve stabbing your wife, you’ll need to take a look at your real-life situation. Are you dealing with a lot of stress at work and at home? Do you want to make a change in your life but are not sure if it will be a success?

The dream is trying to tell you that you should take the plunge, as that will help you evolve and also get rid of any negative emotions.

If you are not yet married, dreaming about stabbing your partner will have a totally different meaning. For instance, stabbing your girlfriend in a dream might mean that you will soon have to change your beliefs. It’s the universe telling you to open your eyes and advising you to recall past events in order to analyze specific situations from a different perspective.

In contrast, a dream about stabbing your boyfriend could mean that you are hiding something. That could be either a secret you don’t want to disclose yet or a situation where you weren’t honest with your partner. As a result, you’ll need to come clean for this dream to stop haunting you.

6. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Ex

Let’s be honest — few people actually have a good relationship with their ex. However, that’s not a reason to want to stab them, even in a dream. But don’t worry, this isn’t the universe telling you to get into a physical confrontation with your ex.

Instead, it is your subconscious telling you that the way you behave is damaging your relationship and driving people close to you away. So you’ll need to act soon and make a change; otherwise, you risk losing some important people in your life.


7. Dreaming About Stabbing Your Child

Sometimes, you might dream about stabbing your children. This extremely disturbing experience is a direct representation of health concerns that you might have in your real life. It can indicate your mental worries, anxiety, or fear about specific situations over which you have little to no control.

8. Dreaming About Stabbing an Attacker

Stabbing an attacker in your dream is a great positive omen. It means that you have the chance to overcome all the obstacles that await you. This dream is also a sign that you have increased awareness and can figure out people’s hidden motives.

9. Dreaming About Stabbing a Dog

Dreaming about stabbing an animal, especially a dog, is a bad omen and is often a warning that some minor problems are coming your way. It’s important to be aware of the coming danger and prepare accordingly. However, the good news is that you can now control your reactions and make a rational decision in case something bad really happens.

10. Dreaming About Stabbing a Cat

Stabbing a cat in a dream is a representation of sacrifice. It means that you will soon have to give up on something very important to you. Stress in your family or professional life can also be responsible for having this dream. By relaxing and clearing your mind, you will be able to avoid future occurrences and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

11. Dreaming About Stabbing a Lion

Dreams about stabbing a lion are warnings from the universe. They are meant to prepare you for upcoming situations in which you’ll need to react efficiently, like a mighty lion would. Such a dream also shows that you are a person that knows how to persuade people and has power and influence over your community.


12. Dreaming About Stabbing a Snake

Stabbing snakes can indicate that there is danger in your surroundings. These dreams warn you regarding a risky situation that you will soon find yourself in. So you’ll need to be very cautious for the next couple of days or weeks and avoid getting into trouble in your personal or professional life.

However, some cultures believe that killing a snake in your dream marks a future victory. Remember that you should analyze this dream based on the emotions you experienced before falling asleep to get an accurate picture of what it really means.

13. Dreaming About Stabbing a Wolf

Wolves are symbols of trust, companionship, and power. So when you dream about stabbing one, it is a sign that you no longer trust someone. That person was really close to you in the past, so it’s either a family member, a best friend, or an ex-partner.

Since wolves are usually related to your personality, you’ll need to take this kind of dream very seriously. While moving on will be hard, the challenges that you’ll face will help you evolve and avoid betrayals in the future.

14. Dreaming About Stabbing a Cow

Although stabbing a cow can sound like a terrible omen, it is actually a good sign. The dream indicates that you will be moving to the next step in your journey. However, that can also involve potential risks, so you’ll need to be careful about the decisions you make.

It is believed that if you ever have this dream, you’ll face new challenges which will help you evolve as an individual. So keep an eye out for any opportunities to prove yourself.

15. Dreaming About Stabbing Yourself

Waking up in the middle of the night after dreaming about stabbing yourself is a horrible experience. However, this dream can reveal much about your inner fears.

For example, if you own a business, the dream may relate to your professional decisions. Your subconscious mind might be telling you that you are taking too much risk. Alternatively, the dream refers to worries in your relationship. It may point toward fear of being cheated on.

However, there is a silver lining. Dreams in which you stab your stomach might be attempts to curb toxic habits, showing that you are really trying to improve yourself. People that have this dream are more likely to make significant changes to their personality, ultimately becoming better in the process.

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