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Early Signs Of Dementia To Be Aware Of

by Martha Simmonds

Understanding and being able to spot the early signs of dementia developing in a senior relative can make a big difference to how this disease progresses. When dementia is diagnosed during the early stages, there is a possibility that a doctor can prescribe medication to slow the disease progression down and reduce damage to the brain. While there is no cure for dementia, early detection and treatment can make this condition easier to manage. Keep reading to find out more about some of the most common early signs and symptoms to look out for.

Memory Loss

Issues with short-term memory loss are often one of the first signs of dementia to develop and show up. While suffering from some memory decline as we get older is normal, memory loss that is caused by dementia is often likely to be more apparent and more frequent.

For example, you may notice that your relative is having trouble remembering information that they have recently learned, forgetting about appointments more often, or forgetting the names of family members that they know well. They may ask for the same information repeatedly or repeat stories that they have forgotten they have just told. If you need support, a memory care facility such as Parc Provence may be a good option to consider, which you can find here: https://www.parcprovence.com/areas-served-memory-care-st-louis/ballwin-missouri-memory-care-alzheimers/.


Another key sign of dementia is confusion, particularly when the person is in familiar surroundings. If you have noticed that your relative often forgets where they are when they are at your home or even in their own home, or gets confused and worried when they are at a store they have visited a lot in the past, this could be a sign that dementia is developing. Losing track of time, forgetting the date, or even forgetting the month or season is another common sign.

Language and Communication Trouble

Issues with language and communication are another common sign to look out for if you are concerned about a senior relative developing dementia. They may have problems with joining a conversation, or you may have noticed that they often stop mid-sentence and are confused as to how to continue. It’s also not uncommon for people with dementia to struggle to remember the meaning of simple words.

Struggling with Daily Tasks

Forgetting how to do and then struggling with everyday tasks like making a cup of coffee or tea, locking the front door, doing up shoelaces or driving to a familiar location is another common sign of dementia in older adults. You may notice that your relative has begun to struggle with things that they have never had any problems with previously, such as managing their money or keeping their house clean. This is often more likely to be because they have forgotten how to do certain things, rather than simply because of mobility or mental health problems.

Dementia is a common condition in the elderly, with billions of people around the world diagnosed. If you have an elderly relative, understanding what to look out for can help you help them get the early support that they need to thrive.

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