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eat pancakes for breakfast

5 Healthy Ways to Eat Pancakes for Breakfast

by Martha Simmonds

When most people think of pancakes for breakfast, they picture a short stack dripping with syrup, with a side of blueberries and even bacon on the side. Undoubtedly delicious, but not so great to have every day before you go to work.

Luckily, as more people have delved into the world of healthy eating, thousands of new recipes have come to light surrounding these delicious fried breakfast cakes (even though they aren’t cakes) to allow you to enjoy them every day without scrimping on the flavor.

Here are 5 healthy ways you can eat pancakes for breakfast, without needing to worry about sugars, fats, or cholesterol.

1. Grain-Free Pancakes

Have you ever considered making grain-free pancakes? These are great if you have gluten sensitivities, or if consuming grains just makes you feel a bit bloated and lethargic.

Many grain-free pancake mixes can be easily turned into delicious and nutritious sugar-free pancakes. You can even prepare them the night before and store the batter in the fridge, allowing you to simply pour them in the morning and go. These recipes work as both a pancake and waffle mix, so whichever you prefer, you can have it without feeling worried about fats and sugars. Plus, they fill you up too and are rich in fiber.

2. Reduce Sugar

As mentioned earlier, most people associate pancakes in the morning with syrup and fruits. While there is nothing wrong with this on occasion, high levels of sugar each day can increase the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes, as well as causing issues with your heart.

To limit the sugar, you have with your pancakes, eat sweeteners rather than sugars, which can come in grain form. You could switch out the standard syrup for agave nectar, as it is lower in sugars and calories than maple syrup or even honey.

3. Try Savoury

Who says that your pancakes need to be sweet? You can switch the sugar-rich options in the morning for ones that are higher in protein. Why not add cheese, spinach, rocket, mushrooms, or even chicken to your morning pancakes? All of these are packed with nutrients and are low in sugar.

You could even add a bell pepper (or another type of pepper if you are feeling bold) which can add crunch and heat to your morning pancakes.

4. Low-Fat Oils

Most people fry their pancakes in oil. However, oils, lard, and butter are all high in fats and can be swapped out for healthier alternatives without much hassle.

Why not try rapeseed oil the next time you are frying your pancakes? There are even oil sprays that can limit the amount of oil you use when frying food, which will make all the difference to the amount of fat and calories you eat.

5. Bananas

Banana pancakes have become increasingly popular, not only because they consist of eggs and bananas, but also because they are tasty, full of protein, and gluten and dairy-free too. If you want to make the pancakes fluffier, why not add some baking powder to the mix too?

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