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Photo Editing: Enhancing Social Media Images to Reflect Your Best Sides

There is no need to confirm that sharing attractive photos on social media is an effective way to reach new audiences. According to a study, on Facebook, posts with images attract 2.3 times more users than posts without them. But even between great photographs, there is a difference. Some are shared by a huge number of people, while others attract the attention of people you need.

Marketers who have ever tried to create attractive images understand how difficult and time-consuming this process is. But the good news is that all the images that are popular on social media have similarities. You can use them to enhance your photos. Another plus is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time improving the image. It only takes a few tens of minutes.

If you are determined that you want to start creating great photos, start with one of the following tips. You will immediately begin improving your images and getting positive reactions.

Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Photos

Start Using the Best Images on Social Media

This advice may sound very trite, but if you are not using the best images on social media, then all other advice will not make sense. Most people associate quality photography with quality equipment, which is quite expensive. But today, you can take great photos without a camera, just using your smartphone.

If you don’t want to share your images with others, there are always tons of awesome photos available on stock platforms. But remember that such images are available to everyone, and therefore, if you upload such a photo, it will not be something unique.

To choose good stock images, I suggest following a few tips:

  • Use fancy words to search for images. There are many words that you might find to be something else, like “funky” or “retro.” You can also use a specific color or even an era.
  • Add phrases and keywords to the search bar. You should write down the words that best suit your needs. For example, using the “Instagram style,” you will immediately get an image with an Instagram filter.
  • Pay a small amount for a photo. If you haven’t found the option you need among the free ones, be prepared to pay a small amount for a photo. This will greatly increase the image quality.

Add Text to Images

Many users may not understand the meaning and message that you wanted to convey to them through the image. This happens when there is no text. Words add context to your image. They can also help you get the right message across to your audience. There are several rules to be guided by when using text in images:

  • Adding an interesting and relevant quote will enhance the visual impact. Quotes have always worked great on any platform, but you need to choose well which quote best suits your context and purpose.
  • Find unique sayings. Perhaps you have ever heard an interesting remark from a TV presenter or speaker at a conference. Turn this into a visual quote!
  • Experiment with different fonts. The biggest difference between attractive and unattractive images is the choice of fonts. You should pay as much attention to fonts as you choose to quote. Choose something that is easy to read and grabs the user’s attention.

Create Consistent and Stylish Images

When creating images on social media, it’s important to always be creative. But it’s even more important to develop consistency. Regardless of which account you’re working with, creating a funnel will increase your connection with your audience. Here are some tips for brainwashing images:

  • The tone you use in your images should be similar to the tone you use in your posts. If your tone changes very quickly, it can confuse people and not attract new users to your brand.
  • Use watermarks and logos. But you should make them invisible! You can use the transparency tool to brighten them up a bit and make them less visible.
  • Once you can find your own “tone,” stick to it constantly. Consistency will pay off pretty quickly by strengthening the connection with your audience.

Contrasting Colors Help Popularize the Image

Contrast refers to the ease with which two different colors can be distinguished from each other. Using colors like this can help make your image jump off the screen. Here are a few ideas to help make your social media images pop:

The best way to grab attention and dilute the tape is to correct brightness and contrast between black and white.

Choose only high contrast. For example, colors such as purple and blue are very similar to each other. On the other hand, blue and yellow will contrast well with each other.

Use a shape or graphic to create a multi-colored look. Blending a color onto a shape or graphic can help contrast your image, text and highlight the elements you want.

Use Photo Editing Software

It is impossible to create beautiful social media images without using photo editing software. Of course, you can find stock photos and add a quote or something to them, but to create something unique, you need to change the image and give it a professional look. To do this, you should use quality fonts, text effects, photo effects, and such tools as adding filters, changing the background, correcting brightness and contrast, and more. Below, we will tell you more about this:

  • Use quality fonts to add text and headings.
  • Use text effects. This can help you make your fonts look bright and eye-catching.
  • Consider adding filters to give the image a single look. Find the filter that suits your needs best and use it in all your images. This strategy is essential for Instagram because, without it, users will not pay attention to you. Among tools that can help with this are PaintShop Pro, Luminar AI, and ACDSee.

There are many photo editing software that can help you create quality photos. However, most of the software is quite complex and hard to use. If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool that would allow you to quickly enhance your visuals, consider photo editing with Movavi.

Be On-Trend

Social media trends are very important, so those who do not follow them usually cannot attract a huge number of users to a product or company. If you do not want your company to be perceived as out-of-touch, you must constantly adapt to new trends that are constantly changing.

Trends also make it clear what people want. Stick to these trends, and you will see that the images you display will be perceived much better. Just remember that each social network has its trends. If one has a trend in the drone video, this does not mean that the other has the same trend.


It should be said that creating good images that will attract thousands of new users is difficult and no easier than writing posts to sell a product. If you want to create cool images, remember to use various tools such as changing the background, correcting brightness and contrast, adding filters, and others.

There are many other techniques, but the ones described above do not take much time. This is why you can create a cool image that will attract many new users to your product in a short time.

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