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enjoy cycle riding in summer

6 Tips to Enjoy Cycle Riding in Summer

by Martha Simmonds

Whether you cycle for exercise or pleasure, you have to admit that cycling in summer is a hassle, given the temperature. You sweat relatively more, and it becomes too difficult to continue cycling. One also gets greatly dehydrated and sweating, making it a not-so-ideal time for cycling.

But, if you take the correct measures, you can enjoy cycling in summer too. We have listed down a few tips and tricks you can follow to make the most out of cycling, even in Summer.

How to Enjoy Cycling in Summer:

1. Picking the right cycling apparel

Cycling for an extended period of summer in this heat can be quite hectic, but wearing the right apparel can make it a bit easier. However, it would be a terrible decision to wear the same cycling apparel throughout the year, so one should change it according to the season.

For summer, we suggest you wear sleeveless jersey tops over padded shorts. The jersey tops aren’t too heavy on you, and being sleeveless, allows you to enjoy the breeze on your arms. On the other hand, using padded shorts is a very good idea as it absorbs the sweat from your thighs and makes it easier for you to concentrate on cycling.

For further help, you can wear cycling sunglasses to save your eyes from the direct light of the sun. Also, investing in cycling mitts would be a good idea. These special mitts for cycling are good for your grip as it prevents the sweat from making the handlebars all sweaty. So, we hope you will wear the best cycling apparel before you set out on your summer ride.

2. Know why you are cycling

It is essential to know why you are cycling in the first place. If you are cycling for exercise, your hours will be different from if you cycle for a hobby. If you do it as a hobby, we suggest you remain consistent but not overdo it.

If one cycles as a form of exercise, it is advised to get themselves a trainer. Having a trainer will ensure that you have a well-planned cycling session and get well-trained before going for long rides. A trainer will also guarantee to achieve your long-term goals if you happen to have any. They will be your guide and make sure you are cycling smoothly irrespective of the seasons.

3. Timing

It is wise to start your journey early in the morning when it comes to summer cycling. If you set out at, say, four in the morning, you can be done by seven easily. In that way, you will be avoiding the sun’s harshest rays. Besides, it’s comparatively cooler at dawn. Of course, one can also cycle after the sun sets but make sure you have well-working biking lights.

4. Sunblock

We cannot stress enough that sunblock is one of the most important protections to take if you are exercising under the sun in summer. You need to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and to do that, make sure you have applied waterproof sunblock before starting your journey. One can also invest in jerseys and shorts that have an SPF-protection feature made in them.

5. Hydration

Summer means heat, and heat means dehydration, which is terrible for your health. For this cause, we suggest you carry water or, even better, a sports energy drink. Ensure that the drink is high in sodium as it is our body’s most needed nutrient during summer. It would be best if you were hydrated before you start your journey and after it. Do make it a habit to consume drinks high in sodium and potassium after your cycling sessions.

6. Picking the right route

A smart way to avoid summer heat would be to pick a route with a lot of trees or one inhabited by tall buildings. This makes the area full of shade and gives you a road away from the harsh rays of the sun. Besides, choosing an area that doesn’t have many pedestrians during your session is wise as it saves you time.

Tips to Remember

Suppose you happen to be someone who cycles a lot and doesn’t want to give it up even in Summer. In that case, you must adopt some important measures so that your health is not hampered. Keep yourself well hydrated, wear the right apparel, wear sunblock and pick the correct time before you set out. One can consult their trainer when it comes to which route to take to be prepared for the crucial season.

Final Thoughts

As we have made it to the end of this blog, we hope to have helped you with your cycling doubts. Make sure you take the proper measures before setting out to cycle this season. Let us know what you thought of this blog in the comments!

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