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5 Types Of Enterprise Custom Software To Develop This Year

by Gloria Louden

There are plenty of profitable types of enterprise custom software to develop in 2021. Modern software products revolutionize the way we live our lives and accomplish daily responsibilities. The broad spectrum of enterprise software options can be complex and overwhelming to just about anyone in the development world. Especially if you are unclear on the most popular types, use cases, and user examples currently available on the market.

As a business-savvy developer, you should constantly be looking to develop the next big thing. This way, you hook your target audience, maximize purchases, and redefine the technology space. To help you gain some direction on your next project, read on to learn about the best types of enterprise custom software to develop this year.

1. Social Media Marketing Software

First off, consider developing social media marketing software for modern tech enthusiasts. These innovative products support social listening, post scheduling, and sentiment analysis. In addition, users commonly employ these tools for keyword tracking and profile optimization. Simultaneously, look into building software that is capable of automating favorites, likes, and retweets.

Other important functionalities to consider include multi-channel and account management, as well as protocols for protecting privacy on social media. By building this type of system, you can help users boost brand awareness, inbound traffic, and conversion rates. In fact, you can even use your own system to promote your content, communicate with followers, and improve brand loyalty. Certainly, social media marketing software is a great enterprise solution to develop in 2021.

2. Customer Service Software

In addition, consider designing, developing, and deploying your own customer service software solution. Traditionally, these platforms support live chat, omnichannel communication, and inbuilt issue ticketing. Similarly, they may offer unified agent desktop, sentiment analysis, and knowledge base capabilities.

If you are interested in building an enterprise customer service platform, it is important to work with the best programming tools, such as continuous integration (CI) and delivery (CD) pipelines. Using a ci/cd pipeline, you can ship faster updates, automate DevOps processes, and improve development security. This way, you can promote smaller code changes and fault isolations, which is key to accelerate mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Naturally, this will help you reduce your backlog, improve customer satisfaction, and promote team accountability. Surely, customer service software is a great enterprise custom solution to develop this year.

3. Digital Payment Processing Software

At the same time, many developers pursue opportunities in payment processing software development. These innovative solutions enable integrated online payments, visual checkout processes, and user authentication options. In addition, they support multiple payment options, such as credit cards, bank accounts, or cryptocurrencies.

To maximize software purchases, build out specialized features for PCI compliance and SSL certificate issuance as well. By developing this advanced type of software, you can build an exclusive solution that is highly adaptable and scalable. This way, you can sustain a competitive advantage and maximize your revenues. Indeed, payment processing solutions are an excellent enterprise custom software product to develop this year.

4. eCommerce Platform Software

Of course, look into building enterprise eCommerce software products. eCommerce software solutions support inventory management, payment processing, and online store construction capabilities. At the same time, they enable streamlined checkout procedures, online promotions, and discount code distribution.

Other important features to consider include error reporting, email marketing, and an integrated blog section. By building this innovative software product, you can take advantage of the rapidly growing and expanding eCommerce market. Absolutely, evaluate robust eCommerce software options to build a profitable, in-demand enterprise solution this year.

5. Accounting Software

Moreover, many business and financially-savvy developers are building advanced accounting software options. These products are most commonly used for invoice processing, accounts receivable, and payroll administration. Similarly, many users employ these solutions for banking, account reconciliation, and check handling. Other important features to build out include vendor memos, purchase orders, and IRS tax forms.

By programming this type of software, you can help clients promote data accuracy, streamline financial report preparation, and simplify tax filing. Definitely, custom enterprise accounting software options are a great platform to consider building this year.

There are plenty lucrative types of enterprise custom software to develop in 2021. First off, consider building an innovative social media software product. In addition, many programmers build their own customer service software products. At the same time, develop in exclusive, adaptable payment transaction software.

Of course, evaluate the benefits of building an eCommerce platform. Moreover, look into building financial, payroll, and accounting software products for enterprise business clients. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the best types of enterprise custom software to develop this year.

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