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5 Essential Types Of Equipment For Commercial Kitchens

Various restaurants and eating establishments have different layouts for their kitchens. This layout is largely dependent on the food that is being prepared and the equipment that’s needed.

If you’re looking to open a restaurant of your own, the following is a collection of the basic commercial equipment that must be in your kitchen.

1. Freezers/Refrigerators

Freezers or refrigerators should be among the first commercial kitchen appliances you will need for any restaurant. Refrigerators are important aspects, facilitating the smooth running of the restaurants, from medium-sized chillers to massive walk-in refrigeration systems.

But, the choice of the freezer in your restaurant is largely dependent on the magnitude of your restaurant and the food it serves.

If your restaurant uses foods that should be preserved on a large scale, then going for a walk-in refrigerator is the best option for your eatery. For smaller food stalls, a teach-in freezer is more than enough.

With a proper refrigeration system, you will now have a proper and designated place to store all the foods that a restaurant needs. A good quality freezer will guarantee that your food is preserved well and retains the taste. Check out the many varieties of freezers available on Labec now!

2. Slicers

Slicers accelerate the cooking process as they help to chop meat or other vegetables swiftly and effectively.

Further, slicing machines also give you the benefit of getting uniform slices and the accuracy is ensured. Uniform slicing gives an impression to your customers that your eatery continually produces high-quality food and also aids in portion regulation.

Especially in express restaurants, slicers are a major help because of their consistent service. There are various types of slicers available in the market, based on the food item you’re working with. Go explore a few and invest in one among them.

3. Ovens

Every eating establishment has unique requirements, based on the food it is producing. So, depending on that, you need to invest in a commercial kitchen oven accordingly.

Commercial ovens come with high-quality professional features, with which, you can perform a number of tasks, from heating a dish for a customer to creating a variety of delicacies.

The best part is that commercial ovens are very easy to handle and literally anyone can operate them.

Chefs, from all over the world, have often been advised to purchase a brand new oven over the ones that have already been used. Ovens are electrical appliances and after repeated use, the filament slowly gets damaged and soon, the oven proves to be ineffective. Plus, new ovens come with a warranty period, so more benefits for you!

4. Fire Extinguishers

In the kitchens, cooks and chefs are always working with fire. Many food items require high temperatures to get cooked and in a kitchen, there is always a possibility for fires getting out of hand.

The majority of fire accidents start from a cooking top, accounting for about 59 percent, and thus, it is very critical for restaurants to have their own fire extinguishing systems.

Fire suppressors are available in a variety of sizes based on the size of the kitchens and are often installed in the kitchen’s existing vents. Installing fire extinguishers should be mandatory in all restaurants for the safety of working personnel and customers.

5. Ranges/Cooking Lines

In an eating establishment, a commercial range or cooking line can be responsible for a lot of activities. A commercial cooking line is composed of business kitchen appliances that contain distinct cooking zones which use either fuel gas or electric power and induction.

A cooking range permits you to employ many cooking techniques in just a single machine. A typical cooking range comprises two parts: a top and a base.

Cooking lines, like the ovens, should be bought anew. Iron is the basic material that is used to manufacture cooking ranges. So, with time, it gets rusted and soon, the second-hand cooking range will prove to be ineffective and useless.

So, aim to invest in a new appliance instead of looking for second-hand cheaper alternatives.

Over to you…

The kitchen is like the brain and heart of a restaurant. Without a proper kitchen, the sole existence of a restaurant can be questioned. So, you as a restaurant owner should invest in high-quality commercial kitchen appliances to ensure the safety of the restaurant, the staff and the customers.

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