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esports more popular than real sports

What Makes Esports More Popular Than Real Sports?

by Martha Simmonds

The current generation is less interested in football or basketball because they are attracted to more innovative platforms. Generation Z prefers online resources such as Twitch and YouTube. Here you have the opportunity to watch other people play games and virtually join many sporting events. Entertainment sites that offer live casino and sports betting also understand these changes and offer to watch streams on their pages.

What makes esports more attractive than real sports

Almost unlimited possibilities for the development of the gameplay.

For those who prefer traditional sports, this may not be such a clear advantage. You can get involved in a certain sports discipline, then switch your attention to something else, return to your previous preferences, and everything is the same there. Perhaps the teams will have a different composition, and even a new form. But the rules remain unchanged, tactics and strategy essentially do not change either. This can be annoying. But esports offers more flexible gameplay. Developers are constantly releasing patches, and creating new characters, which allows you to implement new strategies.

For example, you were a League of Legends player for a while but did not return to the game for six months. What you will see now will surely surprise you. The item shop has been drastically changed, with over 10 new champions added, and one of the main cards has also undergone a makeover.

Free access to events with high quality images.

Of course, now it is possible to connect to digital television to watch sports events. Some competitions can be accessed online and even for free. However, there are often many pitfalls. For example, you want to watch a UFC fight, but are not ready to shell out your money for it. Well, you’re out of luck. Broadcasting companies carefully monitor pirated videos and remove them immediately. So there is a good chance that you will never be able to find the record of the event. Maybe they’ll publish it someday.

And now let’s look at the competitions that are held by the largest eSports organizations in the world. Right this minute, open the main page of Major League Gaming. What do you see in the very center? Links to free live streams, and not some minor events, but the most popular competitions at the moment. A huge advantage is that the broadcasts are loaded automatically. Yes, you can’t do without ads. But compared to having to pay for cable or satellite TV, this is nothing.

No boundaries or prejudices.

When it comes to accepting other races or gender identity, traditional sports are often not at their best. This can turn into an unpleasant sight, which, frankly, is not worth the money spent on it. Agree, almost every week we see news about how football fans or the players themselves are accused of racist actions or shouts. If we talk about esports competitions, then apparently due to their innovativeness, their participants are more loyal to the manifestations of another person.

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