essential items in your golf bag

Five Essential Items You Need in Your Golf Bag

Golf is a delightful sport, and walking the course can often feel like a very leisurely experience. However, this doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind and show up with just golf clubs and a ball. Many essential items should be in your bag with you at all times.

If you aren’t sure what these consist of, don’t worry, we’ve made it easier for you. Listed below are five items you need to have in your golf bag. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Golf Clubs

We know this sounds obvious, but there’s more to a set of golf clubs than meets the eye! Before you start looking into how to arrange golf clubs in a bag, you need to know what each one is there for and the specific role they play. Do you know your woods from your irons? Your hybrids from your wedges? Not all golf clubs will suit your needs, so be selective with what goes in your bag!

2. Gear for All Weathers

Come rain or shine, you need to be ready for what the course will throw at you. Take a look at the weather before heading out. We all know the damage UV rayscan do to our skin, so stock up on sunscreen. On wetter days, an umbrella is a must. Do whatever you can to ensure the weather won’t ruin your game.

3. Extra Balls and Then Some

Whether you’re new to the game or a golf course veteran, there is one universal truth all players should agree upon: you will lose some balls out on the course. It could be due to an overzealous swing or poor aim, but whatever the cause, you aren’t getting that ball back. The solution? Spares. Lots, and lots, of spares.

4. Snacks

Traversing a golf course can be a lengthy process, with a surprising amount of physical activityinvolved. Make sure to pack a supply of your favorite treats and snacks in your bag to keep you going for the length of the course. A hungry stomach can ruin the fun of a game quicker than almost anything else. You need to keep your energy up, so keep your bag stocked!

5. Writing Utensils

Last but not least, you should always keep a pen/pencil and paper in your bag. Writing utensils are helpful for multiple reasons, most notably for keeping score. Granted, you probably have an app to do that for you at this point, but technology isn’t always reliable. You can’t go wrong with a handy pad and paper, so keep it classic and pack them in your bag before heading out.

Be Prepared for the Course!

Golf is a gratifying sport, mostly due to the perfect balance it strikes between exercise and relaxation. However, all that will go up in smoke if you fail to prepare your bag properly. Make sure it’s adequately stocked for every game, and you will maximize both your enjoyment and your performance!

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