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6 Essentials For Holiday Traveling With A Baby

When it comes to traveling with a baby, it is crucial to have the right essentials. Mommyhood101 offers comprehensive reviews of baby gear, providing valuable insights and recommendations to make your travel experience smooth and stress-free. Check them out to ensure you have everything you need for a successful trip with your little one.

Whether you’ve just had your first or fourth baby, traveling with a young baby can still throw you some curveballs. Add to the stress of travel during the holiday season, which can feel overwhelming.

In the same way, there are items like neck pillows and headphones that can make traveling easier as adults; there are essential items that make traveling with a baby easier. If you’re heading out of town this holiday season with a baby in tow, keep reading to learn the essentials that will make getting there truly half the fun. 

1. Baby Sweaters and Layers

As a parent, sometimes it can feel like you’re drowning in baby clothes and piles of laundry. But, when it comes to holiday travel and babies, some items are worth their weight in gold. Light layers like baby sweaters can be a lifesaver on a plane when the temperature fluctuates. 

Other baby layering pieces can be as simple as a swaddling blanket or knit cap. Making sure you keep the baby comfortable will keep everyone else in your travel party comfortable, too, so bring enough extra layers for twice the days you’re traveling. 

2. Road Snacks

When you don’t get enough food while traveling, you’re prone to mood swings and a bad mood, and the same thing is true for babies. If your baby can snack on puffs and biscuits, these are easy to pack in your carry-on. Additionally, even if you’re breastfeeding, some baby formula and extra bottles are never a bad idea if you cannot produce or are in a place you don’t feel comfortable nursing. For older babies, fresh fruit and veggies are a healthy option to regulate their mood. 

Moms want to treat their children to delicious, healthy snacks that are also exciting and enjoyable. Serving a variety of snacks can help avoid boredom during snack time. Aside from fruits, carrot sticks, and other veggie snacks, you can also offer bone broth pouches, pork rinds, veggie crisps, and carnivore crisps.

However, buying nutritious road snacks can be challenging, especially for first-time moms who multitask to prepare everything for a family holiday trip. Running a quick errand to a supermarket or convenience store to buy snacks can be a hassle. It’s good that child-friendly online stores are now available, wherein moms can easily order healthy snacks online.

But not all baby food shops are the same. So, read the label to check the ingredients and nutritional facts. Moreover, only buy nutritious snacks for your picky young children from a reputable baby food company like Serenity Kids.

3. White Noise Machines

You may live in a quiet enough home that you don’t rely on a white noise machine to help your young child sleep, but you can’t guarantee the same environment when you’re away. Whether you’re staying with relatives this holiday season or in a hotel, a portable white noise machine will make sure the baby sleeps soundly through the night, no matter how noisy it is. If traveling internationally, opt for a battery-operated machine, so you don’t have to fuss with outlet differences. 

White noise must be monotonous, low-pitch, and continuous to turn on your little one’s natural calming reflex. Choose a white noise machine that mimics the womb’s loud rumbly sounds. The volume must be loud enough to mask outdoor noise. Moreover, choose a model that offers a wide variety of noises, such as ‘fast and vigorous’ to calm a fussy baby or ‘rain on the roof’ for sleep.

4. Baby Wraps

When you’re at home, you may use a lightweight stroller or a baby carrier on your back, which is incredibly bulky and difficult to travel. Instead, opt for a baby wrap; they easily fold into a small pile you can store in your suitcase or travel tote, making carrying your baby safe and easy. They take some getting used to, so check out online tutorials on how to use a wrap before you head out of town. 

5. Cozy Comforts

Just as adults have their favorite spatula or pen, babies have plenty of creature comforts they favor over others. While losing their favorite blanket or plushie can send shivers down even the calmest parents’ spines, not having these items and enduring a possible meltdown can also.

Smart parents have extra identical items stored for emergencies just like this, but it’s worth taking their favorite along for the journey. These items can provide security and calm in busy airports, crowded and noisy planes, and even around the new people they meet once you get where you’re headed. 

6. Distraction Items

If you’re traveling with a newborn, the only distractions they need are you and a pacifier, but if your baby is a little older or a toddler, games, books, and toys are a must during holiday travel.

From keeping them happy during a long layover or distracting them from something that may be upsetting, they can make all the difference in smooth sailing. Board books are great for babies six months and above and plush stuffed animals. Make sure you don’t bring “noisy” distraction items to be courteous to other travelers, as tempting as they may be. 

Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful, especially if you include the above items on your packing list. While they may be too young to remember the journey, you aren’t; these are memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. The holidays are about making memories, so plan and make this holiday as easy as possible. Happy Trails!

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