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5 Ethical And Sustainable Choices To Consider Making Today

Many people are starting to consider living a more sustainable lifestyle. However, a lifestyle shift is often met with questions such as, “But how?” Take the guesswork out with these 5 ethical and sustainable choices you can consider making today.

1. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use 

Like everyone else, you probably have items at home that you have never used or no longer use. It can be that shirt you bought on sale, that book you’ve finished reading, or that extra wall clock you purchased on a whim.

Whatever it is, if you don’t use it, then it’s not serving its purpose. And you can consider it as clutter.

If you want to be ethical and sustainable with your choices, start by getting rid of what you don’t use. You can donate them to people who need them more than you do. You can also earn from them by doing a garage sale. 

This encourages you to stop hoarding and take advantage of what you actually have. You will also avoid buying duplicates and save more money. 

2. Stay Away From Single-Use Products

Single-use products are everywhere. They come in different forms–from your self-care products all the way to the packaging your food comes in. And they make your life more convenient, especially if you are always on the go.

However, these are one of the major culprits of environmental degradation. 

In fact, the world produces 300 million tons of plastic yearly, half of which goes to making single-use products. And it’s been estimated that the mass of plastic on Earth is now heavier than all animals combined. If we keep at this, single-use products will eventually fill landfills, the ocean, and more–threatening all forms of life in the process.

To keep this from happening, an ethical and sustainable choice you can make today is to replace single-use plastics and anything disposable that you own. For instance, you can replace 1000 single-use cotton rounds with reusable cotton pads, purchase a water tumbler instead of buying water in plastic bottles, or bring your own container when you buy fresh produce at the supermarket.

If it’s hard to make the switch, do it one step at a time until you completely eliminate single-use products in your life. And while you’re at it, encourage your loved ones to join the bandwagon, too!

3. Save on Energy 

Many people have taken energy conservation to a whole different level. They own the most advanced energy-saving household appliances, use solar panels to power their homes, and even have their houses designed specifically to save with solar on energy.

While all these are admirable, not everyone can afford to do the same. Fortunately, there are other ethical and sustainable choices you can consider. They can be as simple as unplugging devices when not in use, turning off lights when not needed, and making sure your thermostat is in great condition.

You can also rely less on appliances by doing chores manually. Use a clothesline to dry your clothes instead of using the dryer, Was your dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher. 

All these tiny habits will not just help save the planet. You will also spend less on electricity bills. 

4. Drive Less 

Owning a car has become a necessity for many. In fact, people nowadays are more used to sitting through traffic versus driving on a clear road. While it certainly helps you get to places, it still has negative environmental impacts.

Most cars run on nonrenewable resources, predominantly diesel and petroleum. Such energy resources create air pollution that poses health risks when inhaled. These also emit carbon dioxide, thereby contributing to global warming. 

If you want to save the planet, an ethical and sustainable choice you can consider is driving less, and opting for the following:

  •     Walk or ride the bicycle when your destination is somewhere nearby.
  •     Take public transportation.
  •     Share a ride with someone.

It might be a huge lifestyle change, but it shouldn’t be too hard if you plan your journey ahead of time.

5. Eat More Greens and Less Meat

Your parents and grandparents weren’t kidding when they said to eat your greens. Not only does your body need it, but it actually helps the environment unlike consuming meat.

The livestock industry emits just as much global emissions as cars do (yikes!). And the entire process of raising and taking care of livestock involves more natural resources than you will ever need when producing vegetables. If you want to consider an ethical and sustainable choice today, then eat more greens and less meat. 

Start by reducing the amount of meat on your plate for your next meal and replacing that reduced amount with vegetables. Do this for about a week, and then reduce again. Keep doing this until you eventually see more vegetables and less meat on your plate.

Not only will you be saving the planet, but your body will also thank you for it.

And there you have it! Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle has never been this easy with these 5 ethical and sustainable choices you can consider today.

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