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20 Brilliant Fall Festival Ideas: From Food to Activities

by Martha Simmonds

With half of the summer already behind us, it’s definitely not too early to start planning a great fall festival. So, whether you’re having a smaller gathering or a big community reunion, here’s twenty fall festival ideas to ensure that you have a blast.

1. Fall-Themed Decorations

The first step to any successful festival is decorating appropriately. Online stores like Party City and Etsy offer great fall-themed decorations to ensure an awesome scenery for your gathering.

2. The Perfect Playlist

Music is really important in setting the tone and atmosphere of your festival. So, make your own playlist or use a fun fall playlist from Spotify to lighten up the mood and get the party started.

3. Pumpkin Pie

Not only are pumpkins a symbol of fall, but they’re delicious too. Delight your guest with this simple and sweet pumpkin pie. It’s surely going to be a hit.

4. Trail Mix

Besides the big dessert, everyone likes a good snack. Making an easy trail mix is the safest way to go. And, if you want to have a bit more diversity, here’s a few healthy trail mix options that you can make yourself!

5. Pie Eating Contest

If there’s going to be tons of pumpkin pie around, it might as well be a challenge. So let all your guests sign up for the pie-eating contest and enjoy the fun that will ensue!

For extra flavor, add a few apple pies in the mix using this quick recipe. And make them look similar, so that the first bite is always a surprise.

6. Picnic Lounge

Some folks want to make the best of a beautiful fall day and relax. A few blankets and a picnic basket are the best recipe for that.

As far as food for the picnic goes, keep it simple. A few tasty Caprese sandwiches and a bit of lemonade make for a nice picnic meal.

7. Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are a festival classic. Everyone likes them, and they’re easy to make at home too. Here’s a 15-minute corn dog recipe that everyone will remember.

8. Pumpkin Carving/Painting

As mentioned before, pumpkins really are the “it” thing of fall. And there’s plenty of great fall festival ideas that include them. So, besides making them into tasty pies, you can also have some fun decorating them.

Make two separate stations or booths, one for carving and one for painting. If you want to take things up a notch, here’s some free carving and painting stencils from The Pumpkin Lady.

9. Fall Leaf DIYs

It’s the perfect time to make use of fall leaves! Set up a crafts table for everyone to make DIY goodies that they can take home. To make the best of all the leaves that fall has to offer, try making this DIY fall leaf banner. You can also go for these cute clay leaf bowls.

10. Face Painting Booth

When it comes to fall festival ideas for the kids, you can’t go wrong with a little face paint. And, to be in tune with fall, go for colors like red, yellow, and brown, and let your imagination run wild. For quality face painting supplies, try Jest Paint.

11. Costume Contest

When you think of fall, you probably also think of Halloween. So, one of the best fall festival ideas is to have a costume contest. Assign a panel of two or three judges, gather the contestants, and may the best costume win!

If you’re looking to buy a costume, Costume SuperCenter is a good place for that. But, if you want to go DIY, this Pinterest collection has got you covered.

12. Pumpkins in a Row

Put a fall twist on the classic ring toss. For this entertaining game, all you need is a few carving pumpkins and some hula hoops. Kids and Grown-ups alike are sure to be entertained by this fun, carnival-style game.

13. Pumpkin Popper

Another fall twist on a classic carnival game. Set up a wall of orange balloons, get some darts, and start popping! You can fill up the balloons with candy, confetti, or anything else you may deem fit.

14. Balloon Animal Booth

Making balloon animals is easier than it may seem, and it’s a super fun activity for any festival. You can look at this list for a few easy and effective balloon crafts, or you can even improvise as you go.

15. Bobbing For Apples/Apples On a String

What could be more fun than this classic contest for a fall festival? Bring a few tubs of water and some apples and have a blast, but be safe! Injuries are not part of the plan.

Alternatively, you can hang some apples from trees and have everyone try to reach them. No hands!

16. Build-A-Scarecrow

Another iconic symbol of the fall is the beloved scarecrow. It’s also really easy to make. Make teams of two or three people, get some large sticks, old clothes, and hay, and have fun with it.

17. Fall Themed Photobooth

Use some of the decorations to make a memorable area for photos. Get creative! Use fall leaves as a setting, or get some silly props to make some fun fall memories.

18. Pumpkin Hunting

Even if it’s not Easter, egg hunting is always fun. And luckily, it can easily be adapted to fall festivals. Just replace the eggs with these cute, handmade miniature pumpkins.

19. Cozy Campfire

When the night falls, and everyone’s had their fun, gather around a campfire, and unwind. Also, to sweeten the deal, now is the perfect time to roast those marshmallows.

20. Goodie Bags

Gather some tricks and treats, and give everyone a great party favor that they’ll remember. To go with the theme of your festival, try these cute fall blessings goodie bags.

Have A Fun Fall Time

Altogether, if you want to have a blast this season, these fun fall festival ideas are all you need and more. Feel free to change and adapt these twenty tips however you deem fit for your gathering. After all, no one has a good time unless everyone has a good time.

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