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A Guide To Fashion Aesthetics On TikTok

Let’s enter the world of the most influential social network of the moment to understand how it has impacted Fashion and contemporary trends.

Now we define by styles and by body shapes. We already follow Fashion for its trends and for the pieces that best reflect our tastes. For 2022, the word to adopt when we want to talk about all this is “aesthetics”. And that will be the fault of one of the most influential social networks of the moment – TikTok.

Some aesthetic clothes on TikTok comprise much more than mere garments. We integrate ourselves into a certain corner of that social network because of the movies we like to watch, or the way we spend our free time.

But since Fashion is one of the strongest forms of personal expression there is, the influence that this aesthetic of ours has on what we wear becomes inevitable. So here comes TikTok to influence people to follow the new fashion trends. There’re many TikTok bots available to support the influencer.

There are already several aesthetics defined by the users of this social network and today we explain the best known and their effect on contemporary fashion trends.

1. Cottagecore

This is a rural aesthetic, based on a romanticized version of what naturally makes up country life. For this reason, this aesthetic is associated with activities centered on Nature and the countryside, in particular those that are “lighter”, such as collecting flowers or maintaining a small vegetable garden.

In Fashion, the biggest symbols of cottagecore are warm tones, namely in its pastel version, along with floral or gingham patterns. As for the design of the pieces, everything that is fluid is privileged, from dresses to overalls, through wide overalls and two-piece sets.

2. Regencycore

Influenced by the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, regencycore is an aesthetic that harkens back to the silhouettes and looks of the British Regency era in the early 19th century. To obtain a look associated with this movement, it is necessary to favor dresses, namely with an empire silhouette and balloon sleeves.

Accessories should be delicate, highlighting the details in the hair, such as bows and small clips, also having pastel tones as the base color palette for the rest of the look.

3. Dark Academy

As the name implies, the dark academia aesthetic is a reference to the world of universities, arts and literature, wrapped in a shadow of mystery, achieved through the dark tones that characterize it. The looks that follow this aesthetic mix vintage pieces with sets reminiscent of school uniforms. In warm and dark tones, checkered pleated skirts, delicate blouses and knee-high socks are common in dark gym looks.

4. Light Gym

As opposed to the latter aesthetic, light academia focuses on the gentler and more romantic side of the world of literature, arts and culture. In terms of its application to the textile industry, it joins the silhouettes and pieces of the dark academy with the feminine patterns and light tones of the cottagecore aesthetic.

5. Goth

The Gothic aesthetic is not unique to the world of TikTok, but this one has revived it or, at least, given it a stage on which to express itself. In fashion, not much has changed compared to the gothic aesthetic we were used to. Black will always be the color of choice, alongside accessories such as necklaces with spikes, net socks, chains and platform shoes.

6. E-girl/E-boy

When various fashion subcultures, namely gothic, punk and scene kids come together in a modern look that combines these aesthetics, e-girls and e-boys are born. In this aesthetic, it is common to use mini-skirts, band t-shirts or anime-inspired pieces. All this is combined with punk style accessories and a vibrant hair color that stands out from the outfit, usually in dark tones. Never forget the hearts under the eyes, whose design is one of the most recognizable features of e-girls.

7. Baddies

Generated by the makeup world of YouTube and Instagram, baddies reveal themselves as an aesthetic that, if it could be personified, would be named after Kylie Jenner. Despite being focused on Beauty, Fashion also has its stamp on the creation of this style.

Above all, the looks go through a more feminine version of streetwear, with crop tops and cargo pants to be combined with the latest sneaker trend. A characteristic accessory to this aesthetic is the hoop earrings in exaggeratedly large sizes.

8. Normcore

If all the aesthetics mentioned above reveal some particularity, what defines the normcore style is precisely its normality. When we approach his perspective on Fashion, the normcore aesthetic involves pieces such as turtlenecks, jeans, sweaters, and some sports accessories, such as sneakers and caps. Again, there is no standout tone, but neutrals tend to prevail.

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