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fashion tips for women over 50

Set Your Age Aside And Flaunt Your Style: Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

by Martha Simmonds

Undoubtedly you love Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek for giving us some major inspirational fashion goals. They believe that no matter the age, your fashion game should always be on point.

Also, your appearance reveals a lot about your attitude regarding aging. Almost everything gets updated with time, which means you should avoid predictable fashion games. With aging, you must have developed grayer hair and more wrinkles; however, this should not prevent you from wearing leather or leopard.

So, if you wish to set aside age and flaunt your style, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have curated several ways to look cooler in your 50, even if you never felt the same in your 25.

6 Fashion tips for women over 50 to defy aging stereotypes

1. Colors and prints

A bold and bright cloth can never hurt you. So, don’t ever listen to those speaking otherwise regarding bright and bold colors. Instead, try keeping one bold color while mellowing other things down.

Similarly, prints and florals never hurt anyone. Just take some inspiration from street fashion dressing. Do give it a little makeover if need be.

2. Flaunt your hair

While shorter hair such as pixies, crops, bobs, or lobs look sexy, thick and luxurious locks are age-defying standards at 50. All thanks to genes or a little hand from the fake-it department of the salons, long flowy hair odes look great on mature folks.

In addition, irrespective of your hair length, styling trick, treatment, or products you have opted to get the look, try to keep your hair looking casual. Appropriately made hair, one-colored, coiffed, stiff, or even sticky, is an outdated hairstyle in the 50s. The right fashion for women over 50 inspires hair that moves, has choppy ends, curls, waves, subtle layers, and wisps around the face.

No matter how you want to flaunt your hair, all you have to do is to take charge and make some changes.

3. Don’t be afraid to select leopards.

Whether you prefer leopard, ocelot, or cheetah- animal spots are the easiest yet confirmed way to showcase your confident version.

Leopard prints are a go-to fashion hack for women at 50. It isn’t only feminine but also easier to carry. Also, don’t overthink looking trashy or overloaded. All you have to do is- wear a leopard piece while sticking to the realistic shades at a time.

4. Bohemian dressing

What strikes your mind when you think of printed palazzos, tanks, and bandanas? Bohemian dressing, right? So, no matter your fashion beliefs, you can never go wrong by choosing to go boho.

5. Denim for the 50s

Regardless of age, shape, or size, your Levi’s, Mother Denim, or AG jeans are universal essentials- you can never give up on them. However, you can never go wrong with straight-legged jeans (blue or black). It can be sleek, slouchier, or sitting below a real waist but remember that length also matters.

Dark wash, breathable, elastic boot cuts naturally look great on mature folks. However, don’t just settle with what you already have. Instead, look out for brands continually innovating to cater to the needs of women in their 50s to get the perfect pair of denim.

6. Invest some time in styling your clothes

Never simply put on clothes; you get your hands on- what most of us do. Instead, put in some effort and follow strategic moves. You will witness the same clothes transforming from blah to breathtakingly beautiful in no time. It is how stylists make the ordinary look grand in ads, shops, or displays around you.

Some styling formulas you can add to your list includes:

• Vary the proportions- pair big, boxy, long/full tops and jackets with slim bottoms
• do a monochromatic one-color theme from head to toe while varying the tones and textures
• just add a scarf
• wear a fitted top with a full A-line skirt;
• Wear eye-catching sneakers

These styling hacks are the easiest yet the most effective to give you the desired scene-stealing look in no time.


‘Set Aging Standards’ are becoming a fashion barrier; however, don’t let it become a barrier stopping you from living your life to the fullest. You must have made compromises while putting your wishes aside for your loved ones. But, now, when you have already seen half a century, it is time to defy every aging fashion standard. Set your age aside, take charge, and just make changes to flaunt your style.

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