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How to Find Clothes That Fit You: A Complete Fashion Guide for Every Woman in 2021

The challenge for most women is finding the clothes that fit best. Before you place your order for that elegant dress or jumpsuit from Joseph Ribkoff dresses or any other classy boutique, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you create a wardrobe full of only the essentials.

Understand your Body Type

Women are different, and each has unique body features. In general, there are about five types of body shapes you most probably fall in between. Your first stab at finding the right outfit depends on your body shape.

You know your body type by taking your measurements. Measure your curves, and see how they relate to your hips, shoulders, bust, and waist. That’s the core that differentiates different body types. You can begin by taking the measurements of your shoulders, recording the inches around your waist, hips, and bust.

Determining Body Shape According to Measurements

The relationship between the numbers from your waist, hips, bust, and shoulder measurements should tell you what body type you have and give you a picture of what will look nice on you. Here are some suggestions to guide you. However, it’s worth recording that this is strictly a guide and not an ultimate fashion instructions manual.

Pear-Shaped Body

They are sometimes known as triangular body shapes. This is the feature in which your hips and sometimes behind appear more pronounced than your shoulders. Almost 20% of women fall in this category, and most people refer to them as most curvaceous.

Consider outfits that accentuate your shoulders and bust area while cutting down on your lower body. Some of the clothes you can consider include flared pants, padded bras, or slightly leg-flared pants. However, avoid tights and pants that narrow your legs.

Apple-Shaped Body

Apple-shaped women are sometimes referred to as top-heavy and form about 14% around the world. In this case, the bust appears a few inches larger compared to the hips, with a less defined waistline.

You may consider avoiding making your waist, midriff, or shoulders the main focal points and drawing attention towards the other places. Slightly V-necked tops, dresses, or blouses may look excellent on you. However, avoid wearing belts or dresses that pinch your waist. Instead, consider more flare dresses, hanging tops, or long-sleeves.

Rectangular Body Shape

Makes up around 46% of women. This is when the measurements of your hips, bust, shoulders, and waist are almost uniform.

Focus on outfits that break up your silhouette, flatter your thin profile, and magnify your curves. Also, miniskirts and bright tights will look great on you, and you can pinch your waist. However, stay clear of men’s clothing.

Hourglass Body Shape

This features about 8% of women. Here, you have a more defined waist, with the hip and bust measurements almost at par. Consider flaunting your curves. Go for outfits that help you balance the top and bottom while magnifying your waist. Bust shapers, V-neck tops, and dresses are your best choice. However, watch out, so you don’t expose too much cleavage.

Inverted Triangle Shape

This is a body shape that features broader shoulders than hips. In this case, your dress should be somehow the opposite of pear-shaped.

Body shapes are quite different, but no woman or type is better or worse than the other. Fashion preferences change rapidly, and what rocks today may not be in style in the next few years. As such, be confident in yourself, and strive to wear what works for you.

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