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Tips to Consider When Finding a Small Office Space for Rent

There are numerous office space providers in Singapore. Therefore, before securing a small office space, there are some aspects you should consider. Conductive office space will play a significant role in improving your company’s productivity. This is because most office spaces are fully equipped with high-tech office equipment. A home office is not a suitable area because you will face numerous distractions.

In addition, constructing your own office is a bit expensive and time-consuming. Great small office space is more suitable if you have a small number of employees. Below are tips to consider when finding a small office space for rent.

1. Business Location

The location of the office space is a key factor to consider. Choose a small office space whereby your employees and workers will not struggle to access. In addition, ensure the small office space has a parking lot or a valet parking lot and accessibility to public transit. An accessible office space helps you save time and money.

Also, when analyzing the location, ensure you check the security status of the neighborhood. Be cautious when an office space is cheaper because that is an indication of insecurity.

2. Infrastructure

Some of the important infrastructure aspects include phone lines, a good road network, internet connectivity, and smart technology. Ideal small office space for rent should have a great infrastructure. If infrastructure is your major priority, consider choosing a managed office space. A managed office space will reduce your costs because all the necessary office equipment and tools will be available.

Another important infrastructure to consider is glass and wall partitions installed in the space. It might save you a lot if you can find an office space with partitions particularly in dividing important space such as meeting rooms. But, if you are working with a bare and open space work area, consider adding a partition for office space. Based on Office Fitout Professionals, partitions can promote productivity and privacy among workers.

3. Competitors

Analyzing your competitors is a great marketing strategy that will help you improve foot traffic, thus converting more potential clients. Therefore, when looking for reliable small office space, check the proximity to your competitors. Being too far away from your competitors may reduce foot traffic in your business because you are not aware of their tactics. Rivalry and business pressure will help you design a unique marketing strategy that will increase your market share.

4. Legal Requirements

Before finalizing your lease contract, it is important to consult a professional lawyer. After signing your lease, you will be locked into the terms and conditions of the office provider. Therefore, a lawyer will help you understand the terms and conditions. This will help you make sound decisions because you may fail to adhere to some requirements. In some cases, less discretion is required, especially if you are signing a short-term contract.

5. Repairs

At some point, a small office space will need repairs. Therefore, analyze and evaluate the office space before signing the contract. The landlord should be responsible for all the maintenance costs. Although, if you are liable to damages, ensure the costs incurred in the process are deducted from your overall rent bill.

6. Cost

You should compare and contrast costs for various office spaces. This will help you choose an office space that suits your budget. A reliable office space should have maximum security. Avoid cheap small office spaces because you may find that the property is not insured or licensed.


Other factors you should consider when looking for a small office space for rent include business type, proximity, office space ambiance, and contingency plan.

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