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3 Funny (But True) Home Break-Ins

We rarely use the word “funny” when discussing home security, but these stories are just too good not to share.

Burglars are often considered cunning criminals who will do anything to get what they want. While this information may be accurate, some burglars are surprisingly clueless about how to break into a home.

Here are three of the strangest but actual home break-ins:

1. The “SpongeBob” Burglar

The police apprehended a man accused of breaking into his neighbors’ homes after spotting his SpongeBob SquarePants-themed clothing.

Witnesses saw the suspect fleeing the scene several times while donning socks and shorts with SpongeBob graphics. The matching SpongeBob shorts and socks were visible in the pictures taken when Mr. Price allegedly went to sell some stolen goods on Facebook Marketplace.

The two clothing items with cartoon themes that matched the description were discovered in Mr. Price’s possession after the police obtained a search warrant for his apartment. The authorities also found other stolen electronics he had allegedly taken from several of his neighbors’ apartments, including televisions, phones, iPads, tablets, guns, and several rounds of ammunition.

2. The Naked Burglar

A man in Staffordshire, England, went on a naked rampage through the town of Stone in 2014. After stripping off all his clothes in public, he ran through a local park before jumping over fences and breaking into homes. He then proceeded to steal food from kitchens before running away again.

Witnesses called the police after seeing him running through gardens and lanes completely naked. Still, they could not catch him until he broke into yet another home and got stuck inside a wardrobe closet for five hours before being freed by police officers who had come to arrest him for burglary at that address.

3. The Burglar Who Came In From The Cold

A man in upstate New York was awakened one night by the sound of his window being smashed open. He acted by grabbing a gun from under his pillow and firing at the intruder. Unfortunately, he missed and hit his dog as it rushed out of the room upon hearing its owner’s gunshot.

The burglar then took off into the night with nothing but a few scratches from breaking through the glass. He had been hiding outside for hours, waiting for an opportunity to strike!

What to Do During A Home Break-In

A home break-in is the last thing you want to happen. However, it’s a fact that it can happen to anyone at any time. Preparing for what to do after an intruder breaks into your house will help you feel more secure and stay calm if it ever happens.

Here are some tips on what to do after an intruder breaks into your house:

Call 911 immediately. The police will come and help you! They’ll also be able to assess the situation and tell you if there are other intruders in the house. If so, they’ll be able to take care of those too!

Make sure you can account for everyone. If children are at home, ensure they know where they should hide (like hiding under their bed with a phone). Make sure that everyone knows not to answer the door unless it’s an officer with a badge outside (and even then, be cautious).

If possible, lock all doors behind you as you leave. It will slow down or stop intruders from following you out of the house if they try to pursue you once they hear sirens approaching.

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