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Win Them Over with a Bit of Humor: The Best “Funny Reasons Why I Love You”

I’ve heard many times from my partner that the reason they fell in love with me is my sense of humor. Now, I’m not the one to toot my own horn, but humor is important in all stages of a relationship. It can help you woo your potential partner, brighten their day, and put a smile on their face.

When I’m feeling humorous, I like to leave my partner notes around the house. If I’m feeling particularly creative, I’ll hide them in cupboards, shoes, or in other places where they can stumble upon them. My notes that feature “funny reasons why I love you” are a real hit every time.

Here are the best “funny reasons why I love you” that you can use to make your partner’s day a bit better. Although some might be specific for my relationship, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to use for your own.

32 Best Funny Reasons Why I Love You

Funny Reasons Why I Love You to Brighten Your Partner’s Day

#1. “I love you because instead of stopping me when you see me doing silly things, you join me.”

#2. “I love you because you forgive my mistakes and help me move on.”

#3. “I love you because you don’t mind staying up with me all night talking and waiting for the sun to rise.”

#4. “I love you because you have a beautiful soul (and the body ain’t too shabby).”

#5. “I love you because you’re attentive not only to me but to the people who matter to me as well.”

#6. “I love you because you put up with my temper tantrums, and remind me what’s important in life.”

#7. “I love you because you don’t mind spending yet another evening binge-watching my favorite show with me… Even if you don’t like it.”

#8. “I love you because you’re intelligent and cunning, and don’t mind plotting revenge fantasies with me.”

#9. “I love you because you know that ‘Leave me alone’ sometimes means ‘Hold me close’ and at other times definitely means ‘You’ll lose a limb if you get any closer,’ and because you’re smart enough to know the difference.”

#10. “I love you because, even though you can’t cook, you still try to make a romantic meal for me.”

#11. “I love you because you don’t mind walking the dog in the winter mornings so I could sleep in for a bit.”

Funny Reasons Why I Love You That Might Sound Cheesy But are Actually Adorable

 #12. “I love you because you make me complete. You’re my perfect other half, even though you don’t complete my sentences.”

#13. “I love you because you boast to your friends about my success like a proud papa bear.”

#14. “I love you because you have the cutest jealous face and I love that you’re protective of me, but you don’t get overprotective or Hulk out with jealous rage.”

#15. “I love you because you bring me my coffee in the morning… quietly.”

#16. “I love you because you know just how many different types of eye rolls I have, and you understand what each of them means.”

#17. “I love you because you know what I need when I’m upset, and you don’t mind hiking through rain, snow, or shine for some Chunky Monkey ice cream.”

#18. “I love you because even though you couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it, you still serenade me to brighten my day.”

#19. “I love how you still get all hot and bothered when I kiss you, even though it’s been years.”

#20. “I love you because you’ll always gossip with me, and react appropriately to anything I tell you, even if you aren’t interested in what Mark from HR said about Tom from Billing yesterday at work. But you gasp anyway when I tell  you, and I love you for it.”

The Most Romantic Funny Reasons Why I Love You

#21. “I love you because you’ve seen me at my worst and you didn’t run for the hills.”

#22. “I love you because you don’t think I’m weird and you get mad when someone says I am.”

#23. “I love you because you respect me and my opinions, but will always tell me when I’m talking crazy.”

#24. “I love you because you always let me put my hands in your pockets because you know I’m perpetually cold, no matter the season.”

#25. “I love you because I can tell you anything and you won’t judge me (much).”

#26. “I love you because when you hear me lying, you get on board before I can even blink and you always have my back.”

#27. “I love you because you’re a real trooper, and you like doing things with me, even if that means letting me practice my newest makeup techniques on you.”

#28. “I love you because you always call me ‘your girl.’”

#29. I love you because you don’t mind admitting that I can park the car better and faster than you can.”

#30. “I love you because you know all these tidbits about my life before we met, and you always pull them out of your ‘weird facts I know about my partner’ hat at the most unfortunate times.”

#31. “I love you because you’ll share your last cookie with me, but you won’t ask me to share mine with you because you know that I need a steady level of sugar in my body to get through the day.”

#32. “I love you because you always tell me that my flaws are adorable and something to be proud of. Although I still think that my head is much smaller than it should be, I love it that you think it’s the perfect size.”

To Conclude

It’s impossible to pinpoint one exact reason why I love my partner, and I’m sure that it’s the same for everyone. We love the people we love for a lot of reasons.

However, just because we can’t encompass our entire love for someone in one sentence, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try. Show your partner that you love them and brighten their day with one (or more) of these “funny reasons why I love you.”

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