furniture restoration can modernize your church

Furniture Restoration Can Modernize Your Church

Churches are a spiritual center for many people, and they often use them as a space to escape from the rest of the world and connect with a higher power. That’s why modernizing your church through furniture restoration is a great idea. A church that looks modern will not only make your congregation feel at home, but it can also attract new members. 

If you have a church that needs a little design boost, don’t worry. Restoring furniture can be just the thing to give it a new life. Here are some ideas to update your church and make it feel more modern and welcoming through church furniture restoration.

Restoring, refinishing, or purchasing new furniture

If your church’s furniture is in poor condition, you have a couple of options. You can choose to either restore it, refinish it or select new pieces. Depending on the condition determines which route you will want to go in restoring the furniture. 

Even if your furniture is in good condition, you can purchase new pieces to add a more modern touch. Here is a further breakdown of the restoration options when it comes to your church furniture:


You can choose to restore your furniture if it requires minor repairs and you want to keep your cost low. Restoration of old furniture is an excellent option if your pieces are in good condition but are missing specific details or components of their original design. For example, if you have a piece that has missing or chipped paint, you could choose to sand it down and repaint it. 

Similarly, if your chairs are mismatched, you can choose to repaint them so that they all match. You could also add a decorative pattern or stain to your furniture to give it a more modern look.


Refinishing your furniture pieces is also a great option if you want to keep costs low but still have good-quality pieces. This is a perfect option for wood furniture that needs to be polished and waxed but does not need any repairs. 

Refinishing is also a good idea if you have charming antique church furniture that you want to revitalize and give new life. If your pieces are in good condition and you want to jazz them up a bit, you could also select a lighter color, like white or beige, and refinish them to add a more modern touch. 

Purchasing new

Purchasing new pieces is a good idea if your current furniture is extremely dated or is broken. New pieces can be great for updating your space. This is especially if you have a large number of members in your congregation.

By selecting new pieces, you can make your church feel welcoming and modern without cluttering the space with items that don’t work. You can even buy church chairs specifically made for use in churches. 

Purchasing new furniture allows you to update your space without worrying about hiring people for restoration or refinishing. New pieces are also an excellent option for modernizing your church. This is especially true if you want a clean, simple look without worrying about an older furniture style in your space. 

Tips for caring for and increasing the life of the furniture

If you are working with a piece of furniture, follow these steps to properly care for it and increase its lifespan: 

1. Avoid using harsh, abrasive cleaners on your pieces, as they can ruin their surfaces and shorten their lifespan. 

2. Excessive moisture is a significant cause of wood decay. To avoid this, avoid storing your pieces in a wet area and exposing them to excessive moisture. 

3. To stop rusting, you should also keep metal objects away from excessive dampness and routinely clean them.

4. Make sure to follow manufacturer recommendations for caring for your furniture.

Concluding remarks

If you have a church that needs a little design boost, restoring furniture can be just the thing to give it new life. When updating the furniture in your church, consider what your pieces need and find something that can fill these needs. Select comfortable and durable chairs or tables that are large enough to accommodate the number of guests you expect to attend the church services. 

Once you have determined what pieces your space needs, you can choose to restore, refinish, or purchase new pieces. This will depend on your budget and needs. If you are wondering how to update your church, follow these tips to modernize your church through furniture restoration.

How will you modernize your church with these tips?

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