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What Is Galvanized Coil Steel Used For?

by Gloria Louden

Galvanized coil steel is a metal with high resistance to rust due to the zinc coating of the top layer. That is what prevents corrosion of the metal under the influence of external factors without the need for additional treatment. Galvanized steel from https://metinvestholding.com/ can be used in all climates, and its service life can reach 50 years.

Usage in Production

Coil zinc-coated steel is often used to produce appliances, mechanisms, household appliances, and stamped parts. To extend the scope of material application, an additional polymer coating is applied that increases the operational parameters of the steel. Galvanized steel coils are widely used in the production of different domestic items as well:

  • metal entrance doors;
  • elevators;
  • ventilation shafts;
  • steelware and vessels;
  • interior decoration.

Galvanized coil steel is a primary raw material for the manufacture of other construction and engineering materials, and the scope of its application is constantly expanding due to the emergence of new production technologies.

Application in Construction

For the construction industry, zinc-coated steel is used as a raw material for the manufacture of:

  • roofing materials;
  • facade materials;
  • metal tiles;
  • corrugated sheeting;
  • sandwich panels.

Other Fields of Application

Coil galvanized steel is resistant to aggressive environments, high humidity, contrasting temperature conditions, so it’s also a leading material in agricultural buildings. Silo towers, grain- and vegetable storehouses, bunkers are all made of galvanized steel as well as casings of industrial instruments and devices, even containers, including tanks for drinking water.

Galvanized Metal: What to Pay Attention to?

Zinc coating may be applied both to one and both sides of the metal sheet. The thickness and method of galvanizing are selected based on the future need for steel products.

The hot-dip galvanization (immersion of a sheet into a hot zinc bath, the coating may be uneven and of different thickness) and electrochemical galvanization (zinc molecules are deposited on the metal surface under the influence of electric current, the layer is even suitable for small items) are used most frequently, cold galvanization (coating is applied by spraying) is used less frequently. A passivation layer may be applied to the zinc layer and oiling to preserve the rolled metal better.

The zinc coating doesn’t always have a solid color: wherever an aesthetic component is important, a primer and a polymer coating are applied on top of the zinc.

Quality Requirements

To assess the quality of a galvanized sheet, it’s necessary to pay attention to its external characteristics: cleanliness, homogeneity, and smoothness of the surface. To check the integrity of the coating and the presence of cracks on the steel base. High-quality galvanized sheet metal should have even, smooth edges and not have any furrows and nicks.

How Is Galvanized Coil Steel Transported?

Galvanized coil steel is much more convenient and easier to transport than steel sheets. Steel strips rolled up are reliably protected against mechanical damages, scratches, and aggressive substances. Coiled galvanized steel takes less space. Coils are loaded into special boxes on wooden pallets with metal frames. Preliminarily the coils are wrapped with waterproof paper. The marking tags specify all the characteristics of galvanized steel coils, namely steel grade, size, weight, etc.

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