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What Does a General Building Contractor Do, and How to Become One?

What does a general building contractor do?

While most people know about carpenters and plumbers, the role of a general contractor isn’t as well-known. A building contractor would perform high-quality carpentry on the house.

If you want to become a contractor, the role can initially seem a bit confusing. Are you interested in the nitty-gritty of a public building contractor?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll look at a general contractor’s duties, how to become one, and what qualifications one needs. Read on to become a master of buildings.

What Does a General Contractor Do?

A general building contractor oversees a wide range of construction projects. The contractor hires and manages subcontractors, workers, and engineers at the construction site.

They also coordinate with various local and state agencies. They ensure that all construction projects adhere to government health and safety measures.

General building contractors must stay up-to-date on current building codes and regulations, as well as research and source available materials as needed.

How Do You Become a General Contractor?

A building contractor works on various building projects. To become a contractor, you must:

Choose a Specialty

To become a general building contractor, one must obtain a contractor license. This is usually accomplished through a trade school or educational program.

Additionally, many aspiring contractors choose to specialize in one particular area to become more competitive in the industry. These include plumbing, electrical work, finishing work, and concrete work.

Receive Relevant Certificates and Education

Certifications like OSHA 10-Hour safety courses, lead safety courses, and contractor licenses are coupled with hands-on experience. This gives contractors the knowledge and skills to handle large-scale construction projects.

Finally, depending on the job, other certifications and training may be required, such as hazardous materials training or crane operation.

Gain Construction Experience

Becoming a successful general contractor requires experience and dedication. It may take some time to build your reputation and portfolio.

This can include working in various fields on a construction site. Apprenticeship programs may be available to gain the necessary knowledge.

Bid for Jobs

Once properly trained and licensed, general building contractors can then bid on jobs. This involves researching the scope of the project, understanding all of the requirements, and calculating the cost to accurately provide a quote to the potential client.

Get Licensed

Often, apprenticeships or academic courses are required to become licensed. You must pass exams and meet the educational requirements set forth by the governing body where the license is sought.

Obtain any additional necessary local, state, or even national permits to engage in this trade.

How to Become a General Building Contractor

A general building contractor is involved in a wide range of activities, from overseeing projects to material management and construction. To become a general contractor you need to develop the skills and experience necessary for obtaining a license.

If you have an aptitude for construction and management, becoming a general contractor can be a great career option. Take the first step now and explore how you can begin your journey to becoming a successful general building contractor!

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