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How Can I Get Close To My Soulmate? Here’s The Answer From A Kabbalah Perspective!

This is a very easy or very difficult question. Who is your soul mate? The simple way to answer is to say that your soulmate is the other half of your soul … But probably those who are listening want a little more information, information to recognize our soulmate when it arrives, to know if we are already with her or to know how to look for it, don’t you?

In this post, we are going to provide information to approach these answers …

Probably when we evoke the “SOUL MATE” we can all feel a pleasant sensation in the heart, the evocation of a being that reaches us and for us, with whom we obtain fullness and love. The perfect complement that we hope to make our life happier.

And it is true, that is an evocation of our soul remembering the satisfaction of the feeling of unity that we only find in the spiritual world, 99%, the connection with the Light, when we were one. There are many ways to reach spirituality outside of religion. In this age of the Internet, you can find a deepening of spirituality from sites like Kasamba.

It’s not the end of the story!

And yet, even though we may even feel like it’s a long way to find her, finding her isn’t the end of the story. And although we feel that recognizing it is difficult, recognizing it is not the end of the story.

And although we are experiencing difficulties to consolidate a relationship with her, staying with her is not the end of the story either. The ending that they sell us everywhere of “they lived happily ever after” is not such. The evocation of a being that comes to us and for us, with whom we obtain fullness and love is true, but that fullness and love is there for us to earn.

And that’s the beginning of the story.

For the imaginary of our 1% world, the physical world and our natural reactive tendencies, the soul mate is someone willing to accept us as we are, who does not ask for anything, who gives us everything and who is more than willing to not get us out of the comfort we live in. A “dream” couple in this world is a comfortable and functional couple for my needs.

As in the world of 1%, the 5 senses rule, we also hope that this couple is beautiful (enough) and with a series of physical and material requirements to which we associate happiness. That is to say, in this plane we understand the soul mate as a “perfect couple”. And from the kabbalah perspective, it is too. But it is a perfect match for me, from a point of view much greater than the 1% of this material reality …

According to Kabbalah, our soul mate is that person who compliments us, and therefore with whom we have a lot of affinity and connection, but is also the one who will help us to carry out a large part of our correction; so she is also the one who will press the appropriate “buttons” to stimulate the aspects of our correction that we must work on.

As a relationship, it gives us great moments of love and affinity of thoughts, emotions and points of view (not for nothing is half of our soul …); but there will also be differences that are there to stimulate our correction. The soul mate is work, it is your compliment that drives you to develop in yourself what you lack.

Let’s see the spiritual origin of this …

The Zohar teaches that each soul originally contains “masculine” and “feminine” characteristics; and when it is time to descend into the physical world, it separates itself constituting a “dual entity”, a male and a female part. The meaning of the couple and marriage is to put the “two halves” of a soul back together. (Zohar III, 283 b)

The man looks for the woman looking for a lost part of himself (rib). Spiritually the lost part of her is the unconscious level of her own soul.

According to the Zohar, soulmates and other souls reside in “The House of Treasure of Souls”, until their incarnation descends to the physical world; starting a long journey back. At first together, and then, as new corrections and learnings emerge, they disperse to gain experience. When a level of individual maturity is reached, they meet again and meet with each other to carry out their part in the greater plan, manifesting as a reflection of the Light.

Our development, learnings and evolution are not completed in one lifetime, the reincarnation wheel allows us to complete our correction through different incarnations and souls often have to separate to learn lessons.

Our free will and the mistakes we make along the way delay the encounter. But the search for the soulmate is part of the process and when you have enough merit, the meeting happens. Because finding it is indeed a merit that is earned on the purpose of spiritual work.

Well, and if it is true that many of the relationships and couples are “our process”, how do I get to meet my soul mate?

We will take the wisdom of the Torah to answer this. Twin soul pairs appear in the Torah that give us wonderful hints and signals on how to act in our quest.

We have Abraham and Sarah; Itzak and Rebeca; Jacob and Rachel; and Moshe and Tzipora. Abraham and Sarah had the blessing and the merit of being born very close. They were neighbors and it is said that they were cousins. They were always linked and stayed together. Abraham didn’t have to look for Sarah, he just recognized her and had the credit for doing it.

The way the Torah narrates it is that everyone finds and recognizes it in the same conditions and circumstances, which as kabbalists, gives us a key sign of wisdom and answers on this topic: each one and in a different way was pursuing his purpose.

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