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get into your dream ivy league university

How To Get Into Your Dream Ivy League University

by Martha Simmonds

Ivy League schools are the most prestigious institutions of higher education in the world. Thousands of ambitious, hard-working, and high-performing students try to gain admission to an Ivy League university every year. However, the competition for admission is incredibly fierce, with an acceptance rate below 10%. There is no secret formula for getting accepted to a top school, but there are many things you can do to increase your chances of success.

How to get into your dream Ivy League university? Read on to discover a few valuable tips.

Maintain Excellent Academic Performance

Ivy League universities accept students who can demonstrate outstanding academic performance. The academic track record is a differentiating factor in the admission process. Moreover, it indicates if a student can cope with the heavy workload typical of elite universities. Exceptional grades and test scores should be a priority for everyone dreaming of the Ivy league.

Nurture Your Passions Through Extracurriculars

Excellent academic performance can get you ahead of the game. But are good grades and SAT scores enough to get into an Ivy League school? The answer is quite complex. Ivy League universities also value extracurricular performance. Students who have achieved outstanding success in sports or arts have a high chance of getting admitted to an Ivy League school.

There’s an assumption among students that pursuing any extracurricular activities, or as many as possible, will be an advantage in the admission process.

However, this is not necessarily true. Ivy League universities are looking for students who are driven and also passionate about their pursuits. Thus, the best way to stand out is to find your passions and nurture them through the right extracurricular activities. Don’t bother with sports if you love writing just because you assume athletic activities may look better in your application. Demonstrating passion is vital.

Do A Lot Of Research

All eight Ivy League universities provide world-class academic opportunities, but there are still considerable differences between them. The prestige of each department matters just as much as the prestige of the university. Some Ivy League schools are doing outstanding research in psychology or neuroscience. Others are known for their incredible STEM or management departments.

Do a lot of research about your chosen university way before the application deadline. Who teaches in your department? What courses are available? How’s the teaching style or the grading system? All these details will define your academic experience.

Get In Touch With An Admissions Consultant

The college admission process can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. And when it comes to the Ivy League, the expectations are very high, so the pressure is immense. It’s not enough to be an elite student. You must also present yourself and your achievements in the best possible light. This can be a challenging task, so it’s best to seek professional help. The Going Ivy College Admissions consulting team can help you get into your dream university.

Follow our tips to plan your future and achieve all your academic and professional goals. Attending an Ivy League school is a realistic dream for every ambitious, hard-working student.

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