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How To Use Google My Business To Boost Your SEO And Content?

My Business is a one-stop solution on Google that manages the look and performance of the business in search engines. It is an imperative tool to know and adjust how the site shows the Google+, Knowledge Graph, Maps, and organic results. The business is the biggest platform for the success of local SEO, where essential links come closer.

The business listing can be managed by adding opening hours, NAP details, photos, etc. Additionally, you get various other options such as taking care of the reviews that the customers have left behind. Reviews should be the major key in your SEO efforts.

How will it work?

If you want to start My Business, it’s simple; you just need to create an account and claim the business. After submission, a real-life postcard will be given to you from Google that you have given. The card works as proof that you are the business owner listed in there.

For most businesses, it is possible to be verified via email or phone call. Google comprises the special page which helps to check the verification status.

After verification, fill in all the essential details and keep on checking the listing. You can also get the insights regularly to check how many clicks, impressions, and subscriptions you have got over time. It’s a great way to see how Google and the customers have perceived the business.

Remember that My Business is not an ordinary tool for managing your local SEO. Its job is to work in tandem with your SEO efforts on-site as well as off-site.

You will not go anywhere if the profile will be inaccurate, but you will not reach on top without a localized content and a well-optimized site. All these things work together.

Optimize Google’s My Business listing

Claim the listing if you want to start. After that, follow the tips if you want to make your account a success. Keep in mind to add information in the line provided on the site. Wrong information might kill your listings and rankings.

• Claim the listing with the actual name of the business
• Choose the accurate category as much as possible
• Provide a lot of data – the profile needs to be complete
• Update phone number if it’s wrong
• Take a look at the photos and improve if needed
• Update the opening times
• Above these things, keep the entire data updated

Stay active, consider reviews, and stay on top of everything. It can be frustrating if the listing is not performing as you want but give all your efforts and it will work.

Local SEO is crucial, even with Google My Business

Activate and get started with the account which looks amazing. But to enjoy the actual benefits of listings and a better ranking, the site should be in order too. Optimize everything like content, location of the business, and backlinks. Ask customers to review the website. Make sure to be active as inaccurate profiles are not good.

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