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From Funny to Aesthetic: 10 Graduation Cap Ideas

by Martha Simmonds

Graduation is one of the most exciting events in one’s life. Whether you are finishing high school or university, it is a time to celebrate all your hard work and accomplishments with your class, friends, and family. However, it is also an opportunity to design a creative graduation cap that will help you stand out in the crowd.

From funny and cute to aesthetic and unique, here are the 10 best graduation cap ideas that will inspire you.

Best Graduation Cap Ideas

1. High School Musical (HSM) Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

If you ask us, there is no better way to finish high school than with a cap inspired by one of the most iconic teen movie franchises of all time. And the best thing is, there are so many design options for you to choose from!

For example, you can go with some of the lyrics from We’re All In This Together or Gotta Go My Own Way. Both songs are perfect symbols of new beginnings and going toward a brighter future.

Alternatively, you can take an ironic approach to your experience and write This Was Nothing Like High School Musical on your cap. Make sure to use a red sharpie and match the infamous HSM font. In addition, add as much glitter as possible, so your cap is noticeable even from afar.

2. Nevertheless, She/He Persisted Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, graduating feels like a giant weight being lifted off your shoulders. After years of constant studying and different sacrifices, you get to finally enjoy the results of your hard work while knowing that you managed to get to the finish line, no matter how challenging it was.

To celebrate your strength and perseverance, you can write the popular Nevertheless, she/he persisted quote on your cap. You can use any colors you want and adorn the edges of your cap with drawings of flowers, birds, books, or any other symbol you like.

3. Harry Potter Graduation Cap

Harry Potter

Image source: Pinterest

If Harry Potter is your favorite book series and has influenced your interests and personality a lot, this idea is for you. The iconic Mischief Managed line used to erase the Marauder’s Map is perfect for closing a big chapter of your life.

For this design, you will need to paint gold lettering and drawings on a black background. You can write I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good at the very top or just use Mischief Managed at the bottom of the cap. It’s important to recreate the HP font so your cap can be entirely magical.

As far as details go, you can draw any that have a clear connection with the books. From broomsticks and cauldrons to the golden snitch and a magic wand, you can never go wrong!

4. It’s Happening Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

The Office is perhaps the most famous sitcom of all time. Apart from hilarious characters and amazing storylines, this show offers some of the best jokes and one-liners ever uttered on TV. Thus, it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few ideas you can use to create an Office-themed graduation cap.

If you opt for this idea, you’ll need to paint the top of the cap gold and then use a black sharpie to write on it. You can print out Michael’s face and tape it to the cap as well, although that is optional. Just make sure you plan where each word will go so that Michael’s entire line can fit nicely.

5. SpongeBob Meme Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

In recent years, it has become increasingly obvious that there is a SpongeBob meme for everything under the sun. So naturally, there are many that you can use for your graduation cap.

For example, you can use the famous time cards the show uses to transition between scenes. The card saying One Eternity Later is an obvious favorite for graduation caps, although you can pick any you want.

Alternatively, you can use the Ight, Imma Head Out meme or any drawing of SpongeBob looking tired, defeated, or in tears. It’s best to draw the meme on the cap yourself and paint it, making your cap truly authentic. However, you can just print it and tape it to the cap if drawing isn’t your strongest suit.

6. That’s All Folks Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

A lot of people see graduation as a turning point in their life. It symbolizes leaving your childhood and teen years behind and turning to adult responsibilities, whether it is continuing your studies at a higher level or getting a job.

Thus, many graduates want their caps to pay homage to the childhood they are saying goodbye to. If that is the case with you, this design will have you covered. It incorporates the legendary Looney Tunes red and black logo, with That’s All Folks written in cursive white letters in the middle.

The best thing about this design is that it is quite easy to make, even if you’re not that good at drawing. In addition, it is not too flashy but will still help you leave a strong impression.

7. Finding Dory Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

This Finding Dory graduation cap idea is perfect for all Pixar fans out there. As you probably already know, Dory is an amnesiac blue tang fish in search of her parents and a past life she cannot remember.

Aside from being a cute choice for a graduation cap (especially if blue is your favorite color), Dory can help you joke around a little bit as well. All you have to do is write I Already Forgot Everything on the cap and paint it ocean blue. Adding Dory in is not necessary, but it would make the whole design more meaningful.

8. Taylor Swift Graduation Cap

Taylor Swift

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re a Swiftie, graduation is a fantastic opportunity to show it. For this idea, you’ll just need sharpies and some flowers. You can paint the cap any shade you like and then write Long Story Short, I Survived in the center.

The famous lyrics work super well for the occasion, and they will emphasize all your hard work. Then, just tape some flowers to the edges of the cap and around the lines, and you’ll be ready!

And the best thing about this design? It works even if you aren’t a Taylor Swift fan or you’re not familiar with the song! The line is still an excellent choice to celebrate that you have survived school and are ready for what’s next.

9. Vintage Butterflies Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

In recent years, vintage graduation caps have really made a comeback. They allow you to express your creativity in a sweet but low-key manner that many people prefer.

This particular idea combines butterflies, cursive lettering, soft colors, and a timeless feel. Painting this design might be a bit too difficult if you’re not great at drawing and mixing colors. So, you can just look for some vintage pics online and print them out for your cap.

In addition, you can choose any quote you love for the center of the cap. Finish everything off by taping some butterfly cutouts to the edges of the cap, and that’s all!

10. Minimalist Daffodil Graduation Cap


Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, you want to stand out without being too tacky or spending too much time and effort on your cap. If that is the case, this idea is perfect for you.

All you need are a black graduation cap and some daffodils. However, you can also use any other small flowers you love. Simply tape the flowers to your cap in any pattern you want, let it all dry, and that’s it!

If you don’t want to use real flowers, you can also cut some out using yellow paper. Moreover, you may simply print a flowery pattern and use it instead. Either way, your cap will be cute and minimalistic but still memorable and beautiful.

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