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great hobbies to share with friends

Great Hobbies to Share With Friends

by Martha Simmonds

Hobbies have been shown to increase brain function, lower stress levels, and foster stronger social bonds. When with friends, you should try social hobbies to encourage participant interaction.

Trying a new social pastime will help you improve yourself by developing new talents and skills, making you more appealing to others while getting to meet new people with similar interests. We’ve compiled a list of 7 fun activities you and your pals may try together.


Do you take pleasure in being outside in nature? If that’s the case, you’ll definitely love hiking. It’s a great way to see parts of the world that are inaccessible by vehicles, and a lot of fun to do, too! And starting is quite simple. Get together with some pals and go camping in the woods or hiking around a neighboring lake or mountain.

Playing Poker

Playing poker or any other card game with friends is a great way to socialize and boosts your ability to weigh the odds. Learning to interpret other people’s body language is another skill you may acquire through poker play.

Inviting your pals around for a game of poker once in a while and making a habit out of it is a great way to bond. You may even follow world events like WSOP physically or online by reading the WSOP guide & updates to get more information about registration and schedules.

Take Up Skiing

Skiing is a thrilling activity that can be done on water or snow. It takes some talent but has plenty of space for progress. Skiing is a fun hobby and an effective way to exercise while developing better spatial awareness, learning to evaluate distance better, and making fast and effective judgments with your buddies.

Take Part in Some Fantasy Sports

Do you love and follow sports closely? If this is the case, put your expertise and interest to work and join the millions of sports lovers participating in fantasy sports.

To build your fantasy club, select genuine players through a virtual draft. The finest fantasy players are determined by comparing their actual performance statistics with their peers.

There are both public leagues where anybody can join and private leagues where you and your friends are the only players. You can use mobile apps or sites to keep tabs on your fantasy team’s performance.

Go Paintballing

Paintball requires a small investment in equipment, but the sport has huge potential payoffs in terms of personal growth and health benefits, making it well worth the cost. Playing on a team with your friends is a great way to hone your collaborative planning and execution, and communication skills, which will serve you well in the workplace and beyond.

Observing your surroundings and paying attention to minute things will also become second nature to you. The best part is that you’ll have a great time doing it.


Fishing is a great and entertaining way to unwind and learn about the environment, particularly when you do it out in tranquil waters. Experience the hard-to-beat thrill of catching a large fish that puts up a good fight.

There isn’t a massive investment in equipment required. This is a fun way to spend time outdoors, either exploring new waterways or spending time with friends while fishing or paddling.

Camping Excursions

Spending as little as a week in natural settings has been shown to reset circadian rhythms.

Therapeutic benefits of camping include reduced symptoms of clinical depression, increased physical activity, and time away from daily stresses.

Getting set up for a camping weekend requires a few essential purchases. Basic safety equipment, a tent, sturdy footwear, and a comfortable sleeping bag are all you need to experience the great outdoors and spend the night under the stars.

For a fun and memorable social experience, round up your pals and meet by the bonfire. Get the makings for some s’mores and build several memories that last a lifetime.

Create a Book Club

A fun and engaging way to spend time with friends is to get together occasionally for activities besides lunch.

Seek out people who share at least some of your passions so you can get a feel for what kinds of things people would be interested in reading. After settling on a preferred genre, the next step is to select your first read and set a meeting time.


There is no longer any need to enroll in dance classes at a dance academy to perfect your dance moves on your own or with friends. These days, you may take online lessons in various dance styles, from ballroom and dancing breakdancing to jazz and hip-hop.

Final Thoughts

Life’s most remarkable, memorable experiences are often experienced with close friends, whether at a nice dinner or on a weekend trip. Having a common interest will strengthen your relationship, and you will have a great time together.

The same old routines can get boring after a while. Explore some fantastic interests described here that you will all love and enjoy.

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